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Download DBZ TTT SSJ 4 Fusion Mod for PPSSPP on Android

Download  DBZ TTT SSj 4 Fusion Mod for PPSSPP & PPSSPP GOLD

So what's up Guys , i am back again with a new latest amazing game called Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team or you can play this on your android device just by installing PSP emulator.

Ssj 4 Fusion, how To Do Fusion, DBZ TTT mods

How To Play & Install This Game:

  • Download [ PPSSPP ] emulator latests version from Playstore & Appstore.
  • Download the ISO file ( Link Is given at the end of this page )
  • After download that ISO file let's check what is file format you downloaded, is it RAR , Zip or 7Z  or is it exactly ISO. If it's ISO file then you don't need to do anything just choose the ISO in PSP emulator & start the game.
  • Or if it's RAR so you have to exract it first by using any app that extracts these files like ( RAR App , 7Zipper App , Z Archiver ) & after extract the file just start play in PSP.

How To Play Special & Ultimates

  1. L+ ∆ = first special attacks like Kamehame Ha , Galick Gun ETC.
  2. Handle up & press L button by sliding your thumb + ∆ = automatic combo & firing attacks
  3. Handle down + L + ∆ = ultimate moves & attacks.
How to do fusions:
So let's know about mod fusions
Choose Goku color 1 & transformations into SSj 4 then choose majin Vegeta and do the fusion ( L+ Select =Gogeta & handle up +L+Select = Vegito )
So Guys it also has new goku ultra instinct form that has the light blue aura & the blue aura comes when you tap L button, the best thing is that Ultra Instinct Goku has BT-3 port attacks which looks awesome & so amazing in DBZ TTT and that makes game more enjoyable.
For a Smooth & Bug Free GamePlay You Must Have These Features In You Android Phone:-
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 5.0 & above version
  • 440 & above snapdragon
  • 4000 Mah battery for long life

So these are the small requirements for this awesome 3D Dragon Ball game if your device doesn't support & don't have these features so i suggest you to not to waste your precious data by downloading this game because it may run a little slow on your divice.

Download the game & enjoy . If you have any type of problems & need help related to the game you can comment your question below. For more mod games please subscribe my YouTube Channel
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