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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai TENKAICHI 3 on Android with Faster dolphin wii Emulator

There is many games on Dolphin ( GameCube) like Dragon Ball Z Budokai, DBZ Budokai 2, Zatch Bell Momodo Fury, Zatch Bell Momodo Battles, God Of Wars ETC. but most of these game are always running slow when we play them in a android phone, so today i have a method to faster your dolphin emulator 2x more, then you can play your all favourite Dolphin emulator games on your android device without any problems & bugs.
But remember that your android device should be 6.0 version and above with 64 Bit supported and the ram should be higher than 2GB & snapdragon must be 660.
Before you going to use this method, first check your device's capacity, ablities & also battery mah because Dolphin emulator takes so much battery to run in any android phone so your battery must be 4000 mah if you want to enjoy Dolphin games whole day.

So here we go, first make sure that you have the latest version of Dolphin emulator because older versions are too slow even after you applied this method. 


File Size is 1.25GB and the File format is .7z So you will need 7zipper app to extract the ISO file out. The ISO is for Nintendo GameCube also called as Dolphin Emulator for Android. So before you download ensure that your Android device is compatible with The Dolphin Emulator.

Download Dolphin Emulator

Click here 

The page which is linked on ( Click here ) will lead you to a page where you can see all the versions of Dolphin Emulators. If your Android phone is not compatible with the latest version then you can easily Download the older versions to checkout if they work.


For dolphin faster settings on android
Follow these steps below
  • Step 1
Go to your file manager 
And open the file [Dolphin_Emu] 
and go to config
Then go to [Dolphin INI]
  • STEP 2
Go to dolphin INI and change this
=[syncGpuOverclock= 0.250000
and [FPRF]= True, This is the most important setting so make sure you do this correctly on your device.
Overclock Settings
The settings is complete
Benefits of This Settings

  1. If you are a Dragon Ball fan and want to play Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 in your android so this method is perfect for you to play your favourite DBZ games on android. I personally playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 daily by using this method to faster my game and i enjoyed a lot. This method will also solve your Dolphin's noice problem and after applying this your Dolphin's voice will Sound smooth.
  2. It will help you to fast your Zatch Bell Momodo Battles too, i know that Zatch Bell games are more graphically 3D & too long in sizes that's why these games are always running slow but by using this trick you can solve this type of big problems.
  3. I don't know that if you want to play Residents evils so it might help you or it  mightn't help you to solve this lag but i can say that the noice will get clean by using on any Dolphin games.
So Guys i hope you all understand this method and can apply it properly in your Dolphin emulator. If you guys have any problem, questions, discussion about this method so you can comment down Your questions below. I will try to solve give You answer as soon as possible.
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