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Dragonball Z BUDOKAI 2 FOR ANDROID Dolphin emulator

Dragonball Z BUDOKAI 2 FOR ANDROID Dolphin emulator
Hello guys here i bring a Dolphin emulator ISO that can be run smoothly in android phones named Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2, this is a 2D fighting game on dolphin emulator & how can you play this game on android. To know all about this game just start reading below.

About Budokai 2

Dragon Ball Budokai 2 is based on DB & DBZ series & it has almost 7 sagas to complete and by completing each sagas, their characters will be unlocked automatically.

About Sagas

This game's story mod basically starts from the raditz attack saga, in that saga you have to beat almost 3 villans to get Raditz unlock with vegeta scouter. After this it comes to directly frieza saga, in this saga you have to fight with almost 15 characters like Recoome, Jeice, Burter and all Frieza's Soldier, after beating them all you can now unlock the super saiyan form of Goku for the first time in the game who will fight with Freiza 50% and 100% powerfull forms. After this it comes to Androids now, it's a short term fight, you just have to beat the Android 17 & 18 two times, first time by Vegeta and second time by Piccolo then this saga will redirected to Cell saga because both are connected with each other, then the time comes when Cell take a entry into the saga, at first time Cell fought with Piccolo and second time Cell fought with Vegeta, after get beaten by Vegeta, Cell starts to absorb Androids, after absorbing androids cell went to fight with Gohan and gets killed. After Cell saga there is a last saga left to complete & that is Buu saga, Buu saga is too long, it's difficult to explain the entire Buu saga therefore i just i wanna tell that at the end Goku beats kid Buu with his super spirit bomb and all characters will got unlocked and now the game has no missions & sagas to complete.

Game Features

This game has over 50 characters of Dragon Ball Z like Goku till the Ssj 3 transformations, Vegeta till the Ssj 2 & Majin transformation, Gohan till the Ssj2 transformations & Buu, super Buu, kid Buu, Cell super perfect, Freiza all forms ETC.
Dragon Ball z Budokai 2

How To Install:

  1. First you have to check your phones ability to install the Dolphin emulator because most of the mobiles aren't able to install dolphin due to their 32 bit capacity.
  2. So if the Dolphin successfully installed on your android phone so let's follow the next step.
  3. Then download Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 (link is given below)
  4. After download the game you have to extract it first by using anyone app like: RAR app , 7Zipper , Z archiver.
  5. After extrat now open Dolphin emulator & click on the ( + ) button at the down right side corner then your file manager will open then choose the ROM file of DBZ Budokai 2 click on it & start play.

Controls Settings

  • You need to switch your controls into GameCube control for the best experience of  gameplay in Mobile.
  • After open the game just click on the 3 dot at up right side corner & choose controls option & set controls to Gamecube style.
So last & important thing you should read before fownloading this game. Your android must have these requirements
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 6.0 Version
  • 600+ Snapdragon
  • 32 Enternal Storage
  • 4000 Mah battery for long life because Dolphin takes battery a bit more than other games.
  • The most important ( 64 Bit Supported ) android device.
So guys if you have these all features in your android so you can download this game & if your phone doesn't have these all so don't waste your precious data on this game.
Dolphin Emulator DBZ Budokai 2, DBZ Budokai 2 For Dolphin
Download ISO File

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