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DBZ TTT Kefla Real Anime Mod V4 Download

Hello Viewers, Today i am giving a BT-3 mod to you all that contains kefla anime attack , xenoVerse type fly with hitto character ( Fusion Of hit & Goku ) also new caulifla attacks & kanba new ttexture. Get ready to play a high quality 3D game of your favourite anime dragon ball Z & super on your android device, play with over 100+ characters of the dragon ball & perform their unique attacks & transformations to defeat the enemy.  Play story mod To Know what is happening in the game & complete all stages to finish the game. Use training mod to become a professional fighter & become more powerfull by Costumize your character with more ki, aura charge, struggle power, ki blast, health bars, special attacks & ultimate attacks.

ISO Features

  1. Fighting Combos
  2. instant Transmission Techniques
  3. 100+ DBZ & DBS Characters 
  4. Each characters has unique attacks
  5. Story Mod, Free Battle, 100 Battle Mod, Training Mod, Challenge Mod, Multiplayer Mod

What's The New

  1. Kefla original anime attacks
  2. All the main God of Destructions
  3. New BT-3 port attacks
  4. Kanba ( cumber new model ) & after all completed BT-3 graphics
  5. So Guys Kefla, as you can see in the image that is placed below, Kefla is using his original attack of anime which was used on Goku Ui but fails to defeat him.
  6. Guys as you always Seeing the old model of Kanba in every mod of TTT but in this mod Kanba has a new model with new attack & texture. Everything for Kanba has changed to this new Model, In this model Kanba has self explosion attack as his ultimate move and energy ball attack as special moves.
  7. Guys this also contains a new model for Caulifla, in this new model Caulifla has her new burst attacks with perfect new texture, as special attack Caulifla uses one janded beam attack and as ultimate move Caulifla uses her hands up explosion attack.
  8. Jiren has new texture that almost looks like Xenoverse 2 and he also has new awesome techniques like first eye glayer attack or you can call this his special attack and the ultimate attack is too awesome because he makes a huge red energy ball and throws that upont opponent.


  • 2GB Ram ( for smooth gameplay )
  • 5.0 & above version android devices
  • 440 & plus snapdragon
  • Storage upto 16 GB

How To Download

  • Install PSP emulator ( link at the end of the page )
  • Download the ISO file ( link tt the end of the page )
  • If the file format is RAR , Zip & 7z then you have to extract the file first
  • After extract ( if needed ) open PSP emulator & choose the file where game is placed after download 
  • & click on the ISO & start play
Kefla DBZ TTT, DBZ TTT Broly
Download Link:— Download By mega I Hope You Liked It Follow My Blog For More Mods Subscribe YouTube Channel PLAYER GUIDE THANKS FOR VISIT


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