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DBZ TTT Mods 2019 BT4 ISO Download

So guys the latest DBZ TTT MOD BT4 have been released.
Keep reading to know all about this mod.

About Dragon Ball TTT:

If you don't know that what this game is & how to play this on android so just follow these easy steps:
  • Download any ISO of DBZ TTT MOD which you want to play. ( you can also download this ISO which i have given link below )
  • After that, check the file format. ( if it's RAR, Zip, 7z,) so you have to extract it first by using anyone of these apps: 7zipper, RAR, Zarchiver, Esfile Explorer.
  • After complete of extraction process you will see a file format of ISO/CSO.
  • Then just install PSP emulator, make sure that you have downloaded the PSP version which is the latest at that time. I suggest you to download PSP from Google Playstore or Appstore.
  • Now open PSP emulator choose the ISO/CSO file and the game will start play.

About This ISO:

This is a BT-4 version of DBZ TTT that has almost 20 new characters & transformations with new music and songs in the ISO.

1. Goku Ultra Instinct

Goku ultra instinct has a new attack. First attack is one handed Kamehame Ha, in this attack goku assault a Kamehame Ha by using only his one hand. Second attack is the most newest and costumize attack of Goku. The last & third attack is Rush Kamehame Ha that is Dabura's final attack, but in the case of Goku it is meant to be more dynamic that's why Goku has Kamehame Ha energy in his hands from the beginning of the attack.

4. New Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct

In this ISO Goku has some new attacks in his masters UI form.
The first attack is hands up Kamehame Ha which was used on jiren in the DBS anime.
Second attack is automatic combo that is a Budokai Tenkaichi 3 port attack. The last attack is the big spirit ball, this attack is based on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and you can see the image of Goku performing that spirit ball at the top of this page.

5. New Broly And Gogeta Blue

Broly and Gogeta are 100% original & unique with their attacks & moveset.

6. New Caulifla

Caulifla has her two forms first one is base form and in this form Caulifla used to perform a red beam attack as her final blow and second form is super saiyan, In this form Caulifla used to perform an automatic combo attack as his special move, the final ultimate attack of Caulifla is a red energy ball attack.
So this is all the information about this ISO, if you wanna download this ISO so read it first:
System requirements:

Android - 6.0
Ram - 3 GB
Snapdragon - 440 
Bit support - 32 Bit
Additional Information:
Size - 500 MB
Offline - Yes
File format - ISO
Source of Gameplay - PPSSPP Emulator
Guys if you having any problems to play this game or open this game so feel free to ask me or tell me your problems in comments sections. I will give you best answer as soon as possible.
Download link ISO

Thanks For Visiting.


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