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Power Warriors Version 8.0 Download

Power Warriors 7.0 Is Now Upgraded To 8.0 With Some New Amazing Changes & Characters.

About Power Warriors 8.0:

Power warriors is a 2D fighting game on android that has pixelated graphics & over hundred Dragon Ball characters from the beginning and it's getting update month by month since 2016 & now it reached his 8.0 version with some new features:
Power Warriors 8.0
  1. So guys here you can see the look of menu is different from 7.0 & other previous versions and now it's more easy to understand for the new gamers.
  2. New Broly from Dragon Ball Movie. New Broly has all forms with his original attack and moveset of combos. The first and base form of Broly uses automatic combo as an attack to fight with the opponent. The second form is super saiyan armored with one and final attack that's called nonstop firing in all directions like super nova and the last is Broly full power lagendary super saiyan with his final super energy beam attack.
  3. New Goku Ultra Instinct with his auto dodge technique. If you press guard button when opponent is firing on you then Goku Ui form will use his auto dodge technique by moving his body strangely. The attacks are given so real for Goku UI compared to Broly , first one is Kamehame Ha or you can say Kamehame Ha that crushed Kefla's Body in tournament of power and the second attack is " invisible hands of Ultra Instinct beating the opponent" for The example of this attack you should remember Jiren vs MUI Goku in the Tournament Of Power.Power Warriors Ultra Instinct
  4. Kale base & super saiyan. Kale also has her unique attacks like energy ball.
  5. Baby Vegeta base and his transformations till the Final Form. Baby Vegeta has his all attacks from DB GT & all form as well.
  6. New Zamas character with combination attack. Zamas first attack is a hand sword and the second is an energy ball with Goku Black Rose.

About Options:

Mission Mod

There is a new option added in the game named " Missions "
In this options you need to complete approx 10  manual challenge fights which is given by the computer, each fight will 1 Vs 1 there might be 1 Vs 3 & 3 Vs 1 too and as you go further by completing fights the further fight will be more & more harder.

Story Mod

Story Mod has eleven sagas of eleven main enemies & it's all comes one by one according to real anime.

Battle Mod

This is a new option in which we can see five mods of battle.

Arcade Mod

In the arcade, there is ten teams to fights & get coins after defeating all the enemies and in this mod the teams are automatically selected and the fight might be 1Vs 3, 2 vs 3 etc. So this is also like "Missions" mod.

Single Battle

This is just to entertain yourself when you have completed all the stories & missions.

Free Battle

You can create your own team & also you can set number of fighter which will fight for you & also which will become your opponent.

Survival Mod

This is the best & one & only option if you want to collect coins faster, Survival Mod has unlimited enemies to fight with you & by killing twenty opponents you can collect two hundred coins and i will tell you all a secret method to kill 50 to get atleast 600 coins & the method is:
Just choose Vegeta Ssj4 three times & start game but wait.. you don't need to fight with your hands & using any combos at all, all you have to do just charge Ki & perform special attack in every five seconds just do this in every fight and you will be reached at 50 kills.

Training Mod

Before starting any of above mentioned mod you should play training mod first for prepare yourself.

Bugs in Previous Versions But Fixed:

  1. if you kill a lot in survival mod like suppose you reached at 40 so the game will start hang & at the end the game will stuck at a moment so good news is that it has fixed in this new version and you can kill unlimited.
  2. When someone transforming during the gameplay so often game was stuck at that character but in the new version it has fixed.
The APK is ready with all bugs fixed & almost one hundred seventy characters with their unique attack & also the look of menu is changed & easy to understand, new options added & overall the APK is almost complete & the developer is still working on this APK to make this even more better than this with over two hundred characters.

Watch Video

Download Link For Power Warriors 8.0 is Given Below:


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