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New Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto & Bleach Mugen APK for Android Download

Hello Guys,
Here i bring a completed game with over one hundred fifty characters for you all that has unique attacks of every anime characters and their original transformations.

Game Features

  • Contains anime characters that you Love Like Goku, Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, Sasuke, Gohan ETC.
  • Combos, super combo, ultimate combos
  • Attacks , super & ultimate unique attacks
  • Pixelated mugen style graphics

Full Character Information

1. Gohan

Guys if you are searching for a game of Dragon Ball so this is he same game you are looking for. Guys it has Gohan Ssj with his Kamehame Ha attack but remember that, that is not a father son Kamehame Ha.

2. Goku Black

Goku Black has more than three comical attacks like first is hand sword attack with the super saiyan transformation, in this move Goku black totally crushes the enemy with his virtual sword. Second attack is also a hand sword and it's more realistic compared to the first one, because in this attack Goku has Ssj rose transformation.

3. Naruto

Naruto has his all forms in this game with their unique and all attacks, the last form of Naruto is golden and in that form Naruto has all his attack of every Transformations.

4. Luffy

However luffy has no forms in the game but the base luffy has faster combo attacks which looks awesome.

5. Ichigo

Ichigo has his all forms in this game and Ichigo uses a sword in order to perform his any attacks. Ichigo uses his sword to make a firing and blast attacks too.

6. Sasuke

Sasuke is a character of Naruto anime. 
Other Information
  • APK Size: 900 MB
  • Device required
  • 5.0 version androids & above
  • Ram should be 2 GB for Smooth GamePlay

Before download make sure that you have an android with 2 GB ram & 5.0 & above version. Download the game, link at below of this page
Size:— 900 MB
After download install & play it.
DBZ Mugen Android, DBZ Mugen Apk
I hope you all will enjoy this game
Here is the download link


Remember that this is a high quality game that reached 900MB of size so if you are facing and will face any type of problems so feel free to tell me your issue by commenting below.
Thanks for visit our blog


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