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Top 5 Tenkaichi Tag Team mod Highly Compressed PSP 2019 Download

Top 5 Tenkaichi Tag Team Mods

Hello Guys, there are so many mods for DBZ TTT out there but as you know that all are not perfect as you want therefore today i have choosen top 5 mods of Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag Team which are perfects in 2019, so let's start.

NO. 5 = Jump Force Mod

It's all about jump force graphics, textures, auras ETC. this mod has 80% characters that looks like jump force and their auras are also changed to sparking lighting.
Jump Force PSP

Features and Characters:

  1. Free Battle Mod [ Jump Force ] Guys, the free battle mod has completely changed into the Jump Force mod graphics, maps, auras etc. With the sparking editing in attacks. 
  2. In this mod there is Gogeta with hands up explosion attack that is his original attack. Broly with giga meteor original movie attack and overall characters are having shining moves.
If you liked these features so the download link is given below.

Menu is required for Jump Force graphics

No. 4 Xenoverse Mod Edition

This mod has 100% all graphics and textures changed to Xenoverse.
Xenoverse 2 For PSP, Xenoverse 2 For Android, Xenoverse Mod PSP

Things That Made This Even More Awesome:

  1. New Gogeta, this mod has new DBS movie Gogeta with his all form, base to super saiyan blue and the super saiyan blue Gogeta is the latest model that is made by the Hunter which is almost like original as anime.
  2. New Goku all forms, in this mod you can play with Goku with his all transformations in the Xenoverse style, super saiyan 3 Goku has Xenoverse port dragon attack, super saiyan blue Goku has Xenoverse port combo attack, ultra instinct Goku has Xenoverse port rush Kamehame Ha attack and MUI Goku has Xenoverse port spirit bomb attack.
  3. Other than this you can play with Vegito all canon forms, Broly all forms, vegeta all forms, Goku Ssj4, Gohan all forms and Gohan has new father son Kamehame ha BT-1 port.

If you like this mod so the link is given below
Download Link ISO

No. 3 Legends Mod

This mod has almost 50% characters changed into DB Legends mod. This game looks like Xenoverse as DB Legends looks & it has all important characters.

New Powerfull Characters Like:

  1. Goku mastered ultra instinct, Goku has his all forms in DB legends style & his final transformation is MUI Goku that has newest Juliodroids model of MUI Goku.
  2. Gogeta and Broly, Gogeta and Broly has all forms changed into legends style and they are the newest models of Hunter.
If you like this mod so link is given below,Download ISO

No. 2 ISO V4 Villan Moro 

This mod has original and more improved graphics. The graphics are more 3D & clean the the originally ISO.

Things That Made This ISO Is The Best ISO:

  1. Many peoples are here doesn't like the graphics of Xenoverse, BT-3, legends etc. When these graphics are used in Tenkaichi Tag Team, so those peoples can play this ISO.
  2. It has all newest characters with the latest attacks like giga meteor, family Kamehame, self explosion, final flash etc.
  3. It also has the new villan character in 2019 of DBS manga series, the new villan called Moro that has the power to absorb anything's energy. In this game Moro's first attack is just a one handed energy beam attack and the second attack is the original attack that's called absorbing attack of Dr. Zero and the last attack is the big energy ball.
  4. It contains super saiyan god transformations of Vegeta which is his newest transformation of the Dragon Ball series. Vegeta has new red ball attack that he has been used upon the base Broly in the new movie of Dragon Ball Super. 
So overall attacks, characters, textures, maps, features etc. Everything is original in this ISO.
If you want to download this so the link is given below.
Download Link ISO

Click Here To Download

NO. 1 ISO HQ Rebuild

this is at the No. 1 because it's the most recently created mod by the modders that has high quality looking textures.
Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Mod, DBZ 3D Games

Things That Made This At The No.1:

It has the newest UI Goku attacks that is his original attack for example,remember that fight between Goku mastered UI vs Jiren at the starting when Goku was in silver body, in that situation Jiren tried to give a hard Punch on Goku's face but suddenly Goku becomes invisible and reached behind the Jiren then realised that Goku is in his back side so he goes to back to attack on Goku again but this time Jiren got hundreds of punches in a second from the mastered ultra instinct Goku. So I want to say that the same attack now given to Goku ultra instinct in the ISO.
other than this, this mod has all new characters and their all transformations with the comical attacks.

If you wanna download this so here is the link:

How To Install These Mods On android:

  1. First of all you need to download the PSP emulator latest version on your android phone. I suggest to download PSP from Google Playstore and if you have already a PSP emulator so make sure to update that to the newest.
  2. After installed PSP now download any of these mods which you like the most.
  3. After downloading complete, check the file format of downloaded file if it's ISO so you can just start play this game on your PSP emulator but if it's Rar, Zip & 7z instead of ISO so you have to extract it first by using 7Zipper or RAR app. You can use anyone, and after extract just choose the ISO file & start play the game in the PSP emulator
I hope you all will enjoy these all mods one by one and if you are facing any type of problems to install them on your android so feel free to ask me via comment section and i will give you answer as soon as possible and as best as possible.


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  1. Make more dragon ball tenachi tag team mods

  2. Make more dragon ball tenachi tag team mods

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  4. Add sayian clash of the past or just make dragon ball tenkachi tag team mods

  5. Thanks man. Great content and not misleading


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