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3D DBZ Games - New DBZ TTT mod V3.1 Download 2019 with db Heroes Characters

Hello Gamers,
A new mod of dragon ball z Tenkaichi Tag team has released today and I am going to do a review of this in front of you all and will tell about all it's features and Characters. At the end there is also a download link is given if you hope to have this mod on your android.

Dragon Ball Z TTT MOD V3.1

Dragon Ball Z TTT is one of the best PSP high graphics dragon Ball games ever that's why it has many new mods since 2016. Peoples still are keep updating this game with the latest DBZ Warriors e.g. Jiren, Kanba, Broly, Kefla, Vegito blue, Gogeta etc. The mod which I am going to show you is the most newest created mod. However, in the case of dragon Ball there are releasing  many mods Daily but you Guys don't have to search for it because I will always keep you all updated with best mods of TTT.

DBZ TTT Mod features

There are many options to play this game in a different way and all are changed to the mod version means there are new Characters like jiren, kanba, broly, hit, Gogeta etc. Instead of old DBZ Characters in every option of this game. However, the options like story mod can't be changed into the Dragon Ball super version from dragon ball Z because of some crashing issues. But except this, all options are Successfully modified and you can play them in a new way.

New Characters

  1. Firstly, the main things is that all of the Characters are changed to looked like dragon Ball Legends. Even the dragon of super saiyan three Goku has changed to looked like dragon Ball legends. So it's clear the graphics are deemed to looked like dragon ball Legends. Now let me explore you about all new Characters.
  2. There is also a new Gogeta fin form. Actually it's not a form of Gogeta, it's a new dragon ball heroes villans that looks similarly kid buu and have control over Gogeta. So it's seems like a new form of evil Gogeta. This Gogeta has same attack as normal Gogeta has.
  3. It has all new Characters like Gogeta, broly, Beerus, Goku mastered ultra instinct, Vegeta super saiyan blue evolution etc.
How to install DBZ TTT MOD

  • First of all Download the DBZ TTT mod ( link is given below )
  • Then download PSP latest version from Google PlayStore.
  • Now check the file format of your Downloaded DBZ TTT File. If it's RAR or zip format the just simply extract it by using any app that extract out the zip files e.g. Zarchiver, RAR app, 7zipper app.
  • Now if you have .ISO file then just open the file in PSP emulator and start play.
  • You must have a 2GB plus, 5.0 & above versions android smartphone to run this game smoothly.
  • Download Awe PSP crash free Emulator
If you want to have this on your PSP android then the Download link is given at the end of this page. Make sure to read the above instructions before download


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