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DBZ TTT Mods Download anime War Tenkaichi PSP ISO

3D games for android, DBZ games

Today I am going to show a new mod of DBZ Games that is for PSP emulator and you just need to download PSP emulator in order to play this 3D Games for android
Named Dragon Ball Z tenkaichi tag team.
This mod has many features to offer you like:-

DBZ TTT mods download


Adventure Game for android

If you love to play adventure games on android then you can play this game as an adventure game and to experience adventure just choose story mod option in this game and start play, find the enemies and defeat them by using special and Ultimate attacks.

Fighting game for android

You can also play this game as the best fighting game ever because as you know that this is based on DBZ Anime series so how hard the fight will be during the gameplay you can imagine and for me it's probably the best fighting game in android to play smoothly without any lag. 
Apart from this there are three options to play this fighting game in a different way, first is:-

Free battle mod, in this option you can choose two fighter that will fight from your side the first will be you and the second will be the computer that will fight for you and you can choose your opponent too, there are more than 100 Characters unlocked already so you can choose any two your favourite opponents to fight and enjoy the game.

Second is Hundred battle mod, in the hundred battle mod there are fixed hundred teams to fight with you and the task is to grab the grade "S" by defeating them perfectly remember if you win Against the opponents but grade you achieve is 'A' then it means the fight is not properly ends yet and you need to fight again untill you get the highest Grade.

Third and last way to fight is as Survival Game For Android
This game can also be a Survival game for android and in the survival option you will fight with fixed 50 Z Tag Team although we know that the survival mod meant to be has unlimited fighters but according to hardness of this game the survival has the limited characters.

Now let's talk about this mod So in this mod there are more than 10 new Characters that has different attack, auras, combos , texture etc.
  1. First new Characters is the Broly, as you all know nowadays Broly is on the trend of dragon ball series so that's why Modder's have done a great work at the broly, broly has the new sparking Super Saiyan texture of Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 with the new disc attack as his final attack and that's really looks awesome when he performs disc attack.
  2. Second new Characters is evil Goku that has all forms, evil Goku's base form uses final Kamehame ha type of attack as his final attack that looks like Galick gun.
  3. Third new Character is Moro, may be you are hearing this name first time because it's the recently created villan by the Akira toriyama in the manga series and you might not aware about it off so for you general information about this villan that this is basically a villan that absorbs powers from anyone and this villan has the weak body, this villan has no strength of its own his every single power comes from others, in this mod he has the power absorbing which is usually used by doctor Zero in original ISO and it's a mod iso so that attack of Doctor Zero has given to Moro in order to make Moro performs real.
  4. Fourth new Characters is Goku Black version Original Goku means there is a Goku black that can transform into super saiyan, super saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4, super saiyan blue , super saiyan god and even omen Ultra instinct and Master Ultra instinct, this Goku Black has the same omen and master Ultra instinct attacks as original Goku has. This Goku's texture is looks like Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and it's shows you a damaged form of Goku black master Ultra instinct.
There more characters that have more new features but I told only the mains so after reading these new features if you want to download this game so the Download link is given below let's Download and start enjoy.

Click Below 👇 to Download


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