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Cool Math Games - Improve Your Brain's Accuracy

Cool Math Games

Hello Guys,
Today I have brought a interesting game that will increase your intelligence, accuracy and calculations too. This game is for those who are unable to calculate even small numbers and for those who are always being confused with their any decisions.

If you are good at calculations or making decisions then instead of Downloading this game you should install these followings interesting mind games:
By coming on the topic I want to tell you that play this brain game only if you are a student otherwise it's not for you.

About this mind Game

So basically it has 4 types of game play in which each option has different different quality task to complete.

Quality Math Calculations

In this option there is 10 number to plus with each other and give the right answer to computer and win the challenge.
It's too easy task for everyone because the tasks are like this : 2+2 = ?, 8+7 = ?, 9+2 = ? Etc. This option is made for kids that are below 5th class in their school.

Speed Calculations Task

It's basically as easy as first option but in this gameplay there is time limit to complete one task. 10 seconds will be given to you for completing tasks. The calculation numbers are the same as first option.

Complexity Calculations

Now this is getting hard for a Fifth class boy/girl. Basically it's for 8th class and above boys/girls. In this option there is 20 task will be Given to you to complete in unlimited time means no time limit is set.
And the tasks are like 55+22 = ?, 34+54 = ?, 67+35 = ? Etc. I know this will hard for even a BA passed boys/girls but by few months of practice a 10th pass boy/girl can calculate this easily. It will increase your brains accuracy and decision making qualities.

Brain's Result

In this option you can set tasks by your choice or randomly. This option is a mixture of above-mentioned all options.
There is time limit is set to 20 Seconds for each task and you can play Unlimited tasks until the time runs out.


This is like survival mod of this game, there is no time limit, there is unlimited task to complete, play as much as you can and improve your brain's overall quality.

If this game seems helpful to you so here is the Download link that is given below:—


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