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Cool Brain Games - Improve your Logical thinking

Hello Guys,

Today I am back with a new Brain Game. This is a type of Brain Gym gaming that will give challenging task to make your brain more stronger and smarter than before. This game called skill Logic and stated as Mind games on the Google PlayStore.
There are 350 Stages within the game. Did you really imagine that how big this game is. Here is some of the starting stages which I am going to share with you all.

Skill Logic Brain Games Features

This game has two types of gameplay option to play the game in two different ways. The first option called.

Single player mod

In which you can play many stages and as the name states that you are the single one to play all the stages alone with computer. The stages are too interesting if you want to experience some of the stages then I am going to write few stages and their tasks below. Just try to pass them honestly.

First stage

First stage is about to find a different number among 83 same number gallery. Here is a screenshot

The number "1" is hide somewhere among those "7" numbers. Your task is to find the number 1 and complete the stage.

Did you able to find the Number 1 ?

If yes so don't think that all stages are easy as this one within the game.

If you didn't able to find the number "1" than this seems really interesting to you, Right? Now let's play the second stage of this option.

Second stage

Here is a screenshot shot
The task is to set the numbers in mounting order from one to twenty four. However you can't complete this task without opening the game on your phone because it has a time limit. So as optional let's open the time watch on phone and set the timer to 45 seconds and starting mounting the numbers till the 24. Be honest, if you are able to complete this than you are really faster and completing this with an ease doesn't mean that all stages are easy like this one is. So just Let's jump into stage 3.

Stage 3 

Here is a screenshot
The task is to choose the right button between "Check" or "Wrong" if the statement that is written above the circle is Correct. The question as you can see is " it's a brown square ". Now be honest what would you choose if the would on your phone. If you choose "Check" button then congratulations you are absolutely "Wrong". The right answer is "Wrong" Button because that's not a square, that is a circle. You might this that this even easier than above two stages but believe me you would get confused if you will play all rounds of this stage.

There are more 347 Stages within the game and each stage contains 5 rounds to complete means 347 x 5 =  1735 Unique rounds. You can spend your whole day easily by completing it's task. If this game seems interesting and you want to be more logical then Download link is given below.
Mind Games Download


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