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Fighting game for android - Power Warriors 9.0 Update

Power Warriors 9.0 APK

For those who doesn't know that what is power warriors so the power is a 2D Fighting game of Dragon Ball Z & Super that is based on pixelated graphics. This game has almost all dragon Ball Z & Super Characters and there is only few numbers of Characters that are missing in this game so the developer is making them all. Now the developer is going to release his 9.0 Version in which you can play with many more characters than the previous all versions. There are many new saiyan forms and Gods will be added in this version of power warriors.

The list of new Characters that are going to release with 9.0 in this game is:

First and the main character that will be featured in 9.0 is Beerus, The god of destructions. As you all know that Beerus is one of the strongest dragon ball character and a god too. Some peoples from the Spain and Brazil call Beerus as bills so don't be confused with name of this powerful God of Destruction. In this version of power warriors Beerus will have his techniques of making invisible to anything which also called the Hakai technique. Hakai is used by the god of destructions only that's why one beerus has this technique and no other character can have this attack. Beerus as his special attack uses big Red energy ball. To remember you about this attack so this is that attack which was about to destroy the Earth in battle of God movie but suddenly Goku comes and stop beerus to destroy the Earth and challenge Beerus to fight with him and defeat him first. So these are the comical things that is given to Beerus as being a powerful God of Destruction.

Second main and powerful character is Vegeta super saiyan blue evolution. Remember that it's not only "super saiyan blue" it's "Super saiyan blue evolution" means the most Powerful and recently created form of Vegeta by Akira toriyama. In this form HOWEVER Vegeta uses the self explosion attack which by using Vegeta gets erased himself so this is the negative point of this new evolution from but this form also has some plus point and the plus points are that apart from this vegeta uses final flash attack with full power without taking too much time.

However, there may be more new updates and Characters that have been done by the developer but we don't know about them all and may be the developer wants to keep them surprise for all of us. This game will remain the most entertaining non offical game of dragon ball Z & Super. We must be thankful to the creator of this game for giving us such a nice childhood experiences.
Although there is no fixed released date of power warriors 9.0 but don't be about that because as the developer will release his 9.0 I will instant give you all update about this with providing a Download link. So stay tuned follow the blog for more posts updates and games.
Keep happy, keep playing new games, have a nice day.


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