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Angle Puzzle Mind Game - Improve Your Creativity

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Do you want to improve your creativity thinking, do you want to be creative person than others, do you want to make hard things easy, do you want to done a work with different but in a comical way So just keep reading this page and know all about this game which I am going to show you.

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So what's up guys today I am bringing a brain Puzzle game for you all that will make you think differently than others and the game name is Block Puzzle, this is listed as brain puzzle
Category on the PlayStore and the game developed and published by Fast Fun on The Google PlayStore. 

About Block Game

This game has two options two play this game although both options are almost same and there is no other different way to play this game.

About Gameplay:

There are 3 different angles will be given in front of you and you need to set them into in line whenever you will complete a line by different different Puzzle Angles then that line which have been completed will be removed automatically from your screen and your task is to keep intact free space on your screen and when there is no space would available on your screen then the game will over. 

Classic Puzzle 

It's an option of this game in which when you will start the game there is unlimited amount of angles for you to keep on your free space and make a line so you have to set them into a line and keep Struggle with your brain until the last single space available on your screen remember that this option is about to make the highest scores and improve your brain's quality by breaking your own score.

A person can play this for maximum 15 minutes only and after this particular time there is no space available on the screen of an Average thinking person but if you are an advanced human then you can play this for a half hour or more, basically the maximum or minimum time for you play this game will tell you your intelligence so try to play this for 30 minutes and as maximum time as possible to prove yourself a genius.

It will also improve your confidence in speaking, thinkings.

Survival Game 

It's another option of this game that also has unlimited different angles but as long as you can stand on the screen means if you play this option in a perfect way then you can make a highest score in the world wide but if you are not able to play this in a perfect way then at that time when there would no space will available on your screen then game will over automatically.

Although both options are almost same but both's objectives are to improve your brain's quality thinking and different thinking qualities.

If you like this game and Hoping to have this on your android so click Below 👇 to Download 

Hope it will help you, thanks for visiting and Don't forget to follow this blog.


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