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Ben 10 Game for Android Free Download APK

Hello Guys,
Today I am back with an awesome game of Ben 10 named Ben 10 Xenodrome, guys this a 2D Fighting Game of Ben 10 with so many features & characters.
Ben 10 Games On android, Ben 10 Alien Force

Game Features:

1. Arcade Mod

Arcade mod will locked untill you complete the whole story mod because in this game there is no unlocked characters to play free battles.

2. Story mod

Story Mod has fifteen Missions to complete and each mission has Boss Character at the end. When you will defeat the boss then all Characters in that mission will get Unlocked. Name of all missions:
Ben 10 The Famous: Bellwood City
This mission has only 2 Rounds and the mission is too easy because being a first stage. 
Ultimatrix bugged: Los Soledad
This mission has only 3 rounds, the villans are Aggrebots & Forever Nights and you will fight as Ultimate Humongousaur and Ultimate Canonbolt aliens.
Nuclear Meltdown: Bellwood Park
This mission has 6 Rounds and it's not as easy as 1st mission also you can choose your alien to fight but there are only aliens to choose, first is Rath & Second is WaterHazard.
Galapagus On The Loose: Bellwood City
Form Here the game will become more hard and you have to buy some more alien Characters to play this mission. This mission has 10 Rounds to complete.
Pandor Looking To Break Out: Bellwood Park
This mission has 13 Rounds to Complete and you will get enough coins to Unlock atleast three powerfull aliens and you have to Unlock them because the villans are more powerful than your regular aliens.
Castle Crasher: Forever Nights Castle
This mission is about to beat Forever Nights army & Get own their Castle. It has 15 Rounds to Complete.
Aggregour On The Rise: Los Soledad
This mission is about Aggregour who is the boss of Aggrebots and it contains 19 Rounds to Complete.

The Search for The Map of Infinity: Frozen Temple
This mission has 22 rounds to complete and after this mission you will have approx 30 aliens unlocked.
Where The Magic Heppens: Forge of Creation
It contains 25 Rounds and The main thing is that in this mission you will get Alien X who is the most powerful alien of Ben 10.
This mission is a Maze & Interesting to play and after this five more missions will come and they all are harder than these above mentioned missions. The last mission name is Final Showdown, in that mission there is 37 Rounds to Complete and you will get all Characters Unlocked after completing this round and arcade mod will unlock as a bonus Reward.

About Gameplay

This game has Over hundred Story driven levels and it contains 16 Ben 10 Aliens with their ultimate forms and comical attacks.
In the Gameplay there are cards to play and the cards are like fighting card, counter attack card, block card, special attack card etc. You can choose any three cards then you player will start fighting according to your cards and the Enemy will also choose his cards and start battle with you.
Android Required:
  • Versions - 4.0 
  • Ram - 512 MB
  • Storage - 100 MB Free Storage 
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