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Ben 10 Real Life Game for android Download APK

Ben 10 Real Life and Open World Game Download

Hey Guys,
Today i am back with a new Ben 10 game that has real life gameplay with all aliens of Ben. If you want to know more about this game so just keep reading.

About Game:

This game is developed & Released by Cartoon Network on the Google PlayStore and is listed as Action and adventure game.
If you want to play this game so you have to agree with it's terms & policy. This game needs your storage & Camera access to run properly in your device and then it will give you a real life alien experience.
This game contain ads and in app purchase. In app purchase used for locking few comical features & Characters by money and without paying money you can't use all the features of this game.

Game features:

However few comical features and characters are bounded by money but the some features are free to use & Enjoy:

1. Real Life Battle Mod

This mod has 50 rounds and 5 stages, each stage has 10 rounds to complete and each round will give you coins to unlock more aliens. 

2. Hero Time: alien transformations

This is about to transform yourself into an alien means by using this option you can change your face into an alien's face on the camera, there are 7 aliens unlocked in the game which you can use to transform yourself.

About Gameplay

Battle Mod Real Life, in the Real Life battle mod option there are 10 rounds for each stage as you read above and each round has three to 10 monster aliens to defeat. In the first stage of first round there are only three monster aliens to defeats and claim the coins and in the second round there are only 5 monster aliens and overall entire first stage is easy to complete except the last round because the last round of first stage has 10 monster aliens to defeat and their level of fighting is a little bit medium and it's not so easy and one more important thing is that when you will go for the first round then your phone's camera will automatically open and the background of the game will be your home and your street wherever you play this game and in order to defeat the monsters you just have to touch on them when they appears in your camera screen. When you are playing this game with full of joy then make sure that you are playing this game in an empty place or you must have attention around all the directions.
Alien Transformation, in this option when you will click on the camera button on down left side corner in the game then a Omnitrix will open infront of you as shown in the above image and a front camera will open as well, now choose an alien in the Omnitrix and then focus on your face in the camera then you will become an alien as i transformed into a Four arms alien, there are only seven aliens to choose named Heat Blast, ultimate Heat blast, Fourarms, Diamond head etc. 
If you are interested in this game and want to play this so here is the download link:
Click here To Download By Google Play Store
I hope you will enjoy this game and Don't forget to follow the blog for more games like this.


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