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Best Android Phones for Gaming

Best Android Phones For gaming

Hello friends, 

As you all know nowadays the games are getting too popular in our world and are often played by the youths and the games like Playerunknown, battle grounds, DBZ Games, free fire etc. are the high graphics games that are often hangs out when we play them an average quality ANDROID Phones, and it's irritates too much when this happens during the gameplay so because of this today I am suggesting the best Android phone for gaming to play any high graphics games smoothly.
So let's get started

No.1 Best Gaming Phone 

Name = Real Me 3 
Real me 3 is Recently Launched model by Real Me Company and it claims to give user the reliable experience during the gameplay and a gameplay with no hang at all.

Important Specifications:

  • 3 GB Ram
  • Octa Core 2.1 GHz
  • MediaTek Helio P70
  • 4320 Mah Battery
  • 6.2 inches ( HD Display )
  • 13 MP + 2 MP Camera
  • Android Version 9.0 ( Pie ) 

 Reasons to Buy it

  • It has screen size of 6.2 inches with slim body low body weight so in case if it unintentionally loses by your hand so it will not get broken by falling on earth due to it's low weight.
  • It has the processor of octa core which is the next level of quad core processor and with 2.1 GHz, then it's really can handle the high graphics.
  • 4320 mah Battery, as you all know that due to low battery and high graphics games the phone will dead earlier than the end of the stages in the games and this is really make our mind irritated.
  • The last reasons to buy this smart phone because of its low price, the people's who can't by high quality above 10,000 smartphone due to their monthly budgets can buy this phone easily because the price of this phone is 9,000 in flipkart.
  • 13 Mega Pixel Back Camera that will give you HD Photo quality however the front camera is only 2MP But we are looking for a gaming phone not a camera phone so don't take it as important.
  • It has the Latest android Operating System that is called Android 9.0 Pie and this version will able to install any highest Emulators, Games, Applicatio
  • This phone's user Ratings is 4.0 out if 5.0 at flipkart and Amazon too
135$ Dollars / 9000 Rupees -
 Real Me 3
Click Below 👇 to Buy

No. 2 Best Gaming Phone

Name = Redmi Y3
This is a best smart phone launched by Xiaomi if you want to buy this specially for playing games.

Important Specifications:
  • 3GB Ram
  • 4000 Mah battery
  • 32 GB internal Storage
  • 660 Snapdragon
  • Android 9.0 ( Pie )
  • 6.26 inches HD Display
  • Octa Core Processor

Reasons to buy it

  • Apart from this there is also a Gorilla glass free with this phone that will protect it incase it loses from your hand however the body weight of this phone is too lite but still the protection should be added with the phone.
  • This phone has 4000 mah Li-On Battery which will not swell even if you forget to close charger the charger and apart from this this battery can last long up to 2 days if charged 100% Successfully.
  • This phone offers you the newest version of Android that is 9.0 pie Version so it will able to install the high gaming Emulators Dolphin and PS2 and apart from this it has Snapdragon 660 which is enough to play high games at their standard speed.
  • This phone has 6.26 inches of HD Display and a Smart Look That will increase your personality among your friends.
  • It has 3 GB Ram and 32 GB Ram means you can install 4 High graphic Games in this phone without facing storage problems and ram helps to run them smooth.
  • This phone givea you 64 bit Architecture that will help you to install next level off application that are more better with their 32 bit version.
  • 32 Mega pixel of Selfie that will give you the most happiest selfie experience with HD plus Photo Quality.
  • The phone is below 10,000 so you can buy it easily if you have low monthly budget.
If you are interested in this Smart phone so Click at The below link to redirect on Amazon 👇
150$ / 9999 Rupees 

No.3 Best Gaming Phone

Name = Honor 9N

Honor 9N is the Cheapest phone in the company for the gamers if you want to have smooth gameplay then I as above phone I suggest you all to buy it too.

Important Specifications
  • 3GB Ram
  • Octa Core Processor
  • 5.84 Full HD Plus Display
  • 13 MP + 2 MP Rear Camera and 16 Mega Pixel Selfie Camera
  • ANDROID 8.0 ( Oreo )
  • 3000 Mah Battery
  • 32 GB Internal Storage
  • Architecture 64 bit

Reasons to Buy it

  • The selfie camera quality is real Impressive and the face detection is really working well.
  • It also has 64 bit of architecture as above two phones has.
  • It has 5.84 Full HD Plus Display and in other words this phone is smaller than the above two mentioned phones so in case you picked is short to have 6 plus inches smart phones so you can buy it also in case if your hands are not able to handle the big size smart phones then you can but it because it can fit on you hands and as well as in pockets.
  • This phone has a low body weight which is good for it's protection.
  • Now some important things to notice and you must know that if you are a game lover and playing game like 6 hours non-stop then I suggest you to not to buy because it has only 3000 Mah Battery that can last long 7 hours only if you are playing a high graphics game and if you are a gamer like playing games only 2 hours a day the buy it because it can last long whole day if this Phone is having a  person that have jobs to do and  has few times to play games.
  • Overall on the main point of view that is about to running high graphics games then this phone is also perfect as above two 
If you are interested in this phone so just click below to buy it👇

Hope it helps you to find the best Android gaming phone for you, thank for visiting


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  1. I think gaming phones would be better for gaming in my opinion. (Blackshark, ROG, Razer)


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