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Dragon Ball Z Games - DBZ TTT Mod 2019 with GP Goku MUI

Dragon Ball Z games

Hello Guys,
So here is a new dragon ball Z game for PSP named Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team with a new mod version V6. This is the most completed Dragon Ball Z TTT mod So Far. However, there are many mods available of dragon Ball Z TTT out there but this one is the best of all.

About This DBZ TTT MOD

The original game name is Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi tag team and Dragon Ball Z Tag vs Japan. This is an English mod of TTT so it is easy to understand even for the new users of this game and this complete mod is Version 6 of this game that is has new Goku grand priest as the most special character of this game.
As you are seeing in the image, there is new model of master Ultra instinct Goku grand priest in this game. So let's know about all new characters:

What's The New ?

  1. Firstly the best thing is that it has the new mod menu which has shown the new added Characters. So you all don't have to struggle for searching each new Characters.
  2. Second new thing is that the grand priest Goku with all faces. This time the grand priest Goku is made perfect by the modders and the bonus thing is that Grand priest Goku has all Transformations with the same model that you can see in the image. Each form of Goku grand priest has unique and different attacks. This Goku starts with the base form that has as normally the Spirit bomb attack. The second form of this Goku is super saiyan that has as normally the Kamehame Ha.
  3. Then it comes to the God, Super saiyan God Red form of Grand priest Goku has Red Kamehame Ha, Although, it's a non-canon Fictional Attack but seems cool. Then it comes to the super saiyan blue form that looks so much awesome than any other previous forms but sadly it has some crashes when we play it's final attack. So better not to play with super saiyan blue Goku if you don't want to ruin you gameplay experience.
  4. Then the main player comes, means omen Ultra instinct Goku that has the original attacks of DBS Goku. It's not having his own attacks because in the anime there is no new attacks were shown for this form of Goku.
  5. Them it comes to the last form that is mastered ultra instinct Goku. You can see the image of Goku above. As you can see the texture is like Anime style and the model is the recently created. This is by far the latest Character in DBZ TTT MOD. However, the attacks are Same as DBS Goku but it looks awesome.

How to install

  • Firstly Download the PPSSPP emulator from the Google PlayStore as it will give you the latest version only.
  • Then download the ISO file which I have given the link below.
  • Now open that ISO file in your PPSSPP emulator and start play.
It's all easy instructions that you need to follow in order to play the game in your android device.

Click Below To Download


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