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Dragon Ball Z Games Kart Racing Download for android

Hello Gamers,
So here is the new version of Dragon Ball Z kart racing have been released that has many features & Characters to play the race.

About Dragon Ball Z Kart Racing

Dragon Ball Z kart racing is a 2D based Pixelated graphics DBZ Racing game. This game has many Characters and their unique Transformations which can you use during the race to cheat and defeat the opponent racers. The game contains Goku with his all forms such as super saiyan blue and God, Vegeta with his all forms such as super saiyan blue, Super saiyan and God, Vegito with super saiyan and super saiyan blue, piccolo, krillin etc. All characters can transform during the race and can perform the special and Ultimate attacks. It also has a offer of daily rewards in which you will get more rewards day by day.

All Gameplay options

The first option is Arcade mod In which you can find two classic gameplay options. First option is "Race", in which there is no rounds and no options to choose manual Character to perform the race. Typically it's a too normal option with no features at all except just a race. Second option is Tournament, in which, there are three more characters to race with you and approx two goals to complete the race.

The second option is Team race, in which you there are two different options. First is Olympic, yeah, yeah it's not that Olympic, that is in real life. On the contrary it's a race between 4 racers. From those four racers you are the one and you have to come on the number 1 to win the coins and complete the stages.

So there are more options in this game and a special things that I have forget to tell you above is that during the gameplay there are many features to run the fast, attack the enemy who is faster than you and make him slow, use instant transmission to quick win etc.

Download link

DOWNLOAD DBZ Kart Racing by Mediafire

In case if the Download is not starting, then copy this link by long press on it and open it on a different page/tab.


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