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Dragon Ball Z Games - Stick Man Action & Fighting Game Download

Dragon Ball Z Games For Android

There are many Dragon Ball Z Games for android which you can find on this blog and today I have brought one more dragon ball Z and super game for you all that has over Seventy ( 70 ) Characters with their unique attacks. It also contains many Characters from Dragon Ball af and Absolon.

DBZ Fighter Rage

The game name is Fighter Rage and the this is a 2D based graphic Game that has the Characters looks like Stick Man. All faces of all the characters has no eye, nose, mouth designed but the clothes are fully designed to understand enough each Characters.
This game has many features to offer a user to experience a better gameplay. This game has only one Character already unlocked at the beginning and to unlock all of the Characters there are two methods within the game. First is to watch some videos ads and use your collected to unlock Characters. There is fix rate that how much ads you have to watch in order to unlock a characters and how much  coins you have to spend in order to unlock a Character. The second method is a little crazy because you have to pay some real money to buy a pack of Universal level Characters like Zamasu, Broly, Beerus, Goku Mastered ultra instinct and vegeta mastered ultra instinct. In a pack there are about 30 Characters that will unlock instantly whenever you buy their pack. Also a premium pack is available in the game which will unlock only 10 Characters.

About Characters

This game contains Super saiyan 5 Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Absolon, Goku Xeno, Fu, Kanba, kanba Super saiyan 3 etc. From dragon ball heroes, New broly, Goku & Vegeta with winter jacket from dragon Ball super move, and overall all characters from tournament of power and Zamasu Arc.

Game Features

There are story mods, tournament and free battle mod to play. So I am going to explain all the options below if you are interested to know then read below other wise scroll the page till the end to get the Download link.

Characters Mod

You can choose and select you favourite character to play in the story and tournament mod within the Characters mod. This will only allow you to choose the Characters that are unlocked.

Tournament Mod

There are approximately 5 to 10 rounds to play within the tournament mod with different different characters. Your enemies can change but you can't change your Character. You have to play the entire tournament with only the Characters you have chosen in the Characters mod. Tournament mod is one of the best way to collect more Coins to unlock more characters.

Story Mod

There are thirty Five ( 35 ) Stages and Eleven Bosses within the story mod and by playing this mod you can unlock many Characters without spending and watching any ads and coins. This seems the best option to unlock Characters right? But wait you can unlock only the Characters that are normal powerful e.g. Zamas, Dispo, piccolo, krillin, Tien and Yamcha etc. To unlock upper level of Characters you still need more coins and you can collect more coins by completing the stages and defeating the Bosses.

If this seems aweosme to you then the Download link is given below.


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