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Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Version New Anime 2019 Download

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Tag Team 2019

Hello Friends,
Today I am bringing a new mod for dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team in anime with Budokai Tenkaichi 3 texture in this mod there is few updates like:

DBZ TTT Ultra ISO Download

New things

  • New Zamasu Texture, in this mod there is extreme improvements on the Zamasu's Texture and now after this mod he looks almost real however the attacks are still the same but the aura has changed too.
  • Goku grand priest, in this mod Modder's added another grand priest Goku's model that is totally different than my previous post's mods grand priest goku and this Goku has eye glayer attacks as his special attacks and it's the same which is used by jiren and as final attack this Goku uses hands up explosion attack that is the final attack of future Trunks.
  • Goku from super dragon ball heroes anime series with his all forms and this Goku has the new anime texture in his mastered ultra instinct form which you might never seen it before because it's the newest texture of Goku's mastered ultra instinct that is recently created. Although the attacks of this new textured Goku are same as dragon ball super's Goku because in the promotional anime of toei animation there is no new moves or special attacks for the Mastered or Grand priest Goku.
  • New Vegeta's Oren form and in other words Oren's new form and in actually this is really an Oren form however even this is a new Characters in this mod and also in the super dragon ball promotional anime but this Character has no new attack in the anime and because of this it has no new attacks in this mod too but that doesn't mean that it has Zero attacks to perform during the battle because it has Vegeta's regular attacks.
  • Broly Legendary super saiyan 3 from dragon ball super and the main objective behind making this non-canon Character is try that to made it looks like dragon ball Ragging blast and in this new model of ragging bast you can see the newest attacks and entry of  broly. Entry is like dragon ball super's broly's entry scene and the attacks are like a mixture of dragon ball super & dragon ball z's broly's attacks but overall it's an amazing Character and I am sure you will love this.
  • New fu's Model, if you don't who is fu so in short fu is a villan of dragon ball heroes series and fu has a sword as his weapon and in this game there was no model of fu that made perfect till now  but today in this mod there is a almost perfect model of fu that has a sword too to use that as a weapon and this fu's texture is so realistic and too awesome.
  • New Golden cooler, guys the last new thing is the perfect of all and it's the coolor's Golden form and his model, textures and attacks means overall the entire cooler is perfect.


If above mentioned informations are not enough for you to decide that you should download this game or not so here is the video of this mod's gameplay in which you can watch the whole review of this DBZ TTT MOD Ultimate Anime Tenkaichi.

Watch Video

If this game seems to make you happy all day so just click at the below link to download👇

ISO Download

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