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Fighting game for android - DBZ Games Power Warriors 8.1 New update

Fighting Game for android - DBZ Games Power Warriors 8.1 New Update

Hello Gamers,
Today I bringing a new update of dragon Ball Power warriors fighting game for android , in this version there are many new Characters, texture, attacks, options in the game, to know all about this game just keep reading this webpage.

About this Fighting Game for android

Power Warriors is a 2D based DBZ Game on android that has over 100 plus Characters from the beginning of first version and today it reached to his 8.1 version that contains over 200 plus dragon ball z Characters with their unique and powerfull ultimate attacks. This game has new mission option.

New Survival Game Mission

The developers added the new survival mission mod in which you have to survive yourself during the whole mission and untill the missions gets passed. There will be 1 Fighter given to you for fight and survive in the mission mod and that one fighter will be given randomly means you can't choose your Characters by your choices, this mission mod has approximately 20 stages to complete and each stage has his own 20 rounds that are so hard to complete because I personally played this game and I find this game harder than any other DBZ games but the all other options like arcade, free battle mod, single battle mod, team battle mod are easier to pass and only this one is the hardest and in order to pass this you first must train yourself by completing others even though this is harder but it's the most entertaining way to play this game.

Apart from this it has more than 20 new Characters from new dragon ball super like:

  1. New Goku Omen Ultra instinct, Guys as you know in the previous versions usually there were only one omen Ultra instinct in the game and that is Gohan but now in this upgraded version you can see Goku omen Ultra instinct too with Gohan ultra instinct, new Omen Goku has rush Kamehame ha attack as his special attack and the final attack is invisible hands explosion attack which was used on the jiren in the tournament of power so overall this Goku has only his original attacks instead of having other non-canon attacks this is good thing and one more thing I want to tell you about this Character that it has auto dodge to which seems to be the most realistic move of an ultra instinct Goku.
  2. Second new Characters is omen Vegeta ultra instinct, it has same auto dodge technique like Goku and also the same invisible hands explosion attack but the Vegeta's explosion is little bit more stronger than Goku's hand explosion and Vegeta's special is final flash so here all attacks and techniques are same for both Omen UIs the only difference is just final flash attack of Vegeta.
  3. Third most important and new Characters is Kale, Kale is a female characters of dragon ball super which was introduced to us in tournament of power, Kale is getting famous in DBS because of his legendary power like Broly however the Kale is not as strong as Broly but Kale had beats Goku's blue form in her legendary saiyan form and after this Kale is getting attention of more peoples. In this game Kale has her only one transformation that is called super saiyan in this form Kale doesn't loses her consciousness control and fights with calm mind.
  4. Fourth Characters is Goku super Saiyan Blue, i know that this game contains Goku blue even before this upgraded version but the new Goku blue that is added recently is belongs to tournament of power however the attacks are not something special but the out look is best because it seems perfect DBS Goku.
  5. Fifth new Characters is Tapion, Tapion is not as main as above four Characters but it's a new fighter in this game so thought to introduce it too. Tapion is a non-canon Character of a dragon Ball movie and in the point of view of this movie trunks got his sword by his master Tapion. In this game Tapion has sword disc attack as his special and Ultimate too and his all combos are aslo associated his sword.

There are more new things and Characters but I discussed about only the mains so if you are Interested in this Fighting Game for android then download is given below. The Install process is too simple, just download and install the APK file and it will be ready to run on your android.

Download Power Warriors 9.0
Click here to get on the Download page

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