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Fighting game for Android - New Naruto Mugen Style Game for android

Naruto Fighting Game for android

Today I have brought a new game for android that is related Naruto anime with their all characters and attacks.
This game is called "Anime The last Battle of the cosmos" on the Google PlayStore. It has many names on different different platforms. So just keep reading to know all about this game.

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All the options in the Game

There are only three options in this game, even though this is not much but enough if you are going to play this first time. 

Single Battle Mod

There are two options within the single match mod. First is Single player gameplay and second is team battle mod. You can make your own team to fight with the opponents within the team battle mod. But make sure to unlock the following things to play these both mods:
There are more than fourty Characters in this game but sadly you have to unlock them first. each characters has fix Coins rate to unlock and you will need approximately 30000 total coins to unlock all the characters and in order to collect the coins faster your have to play other options of the game instead of single battle mod. Single battle mod is worth less if the Characters are not unlocked and now let's see what's the ml Option to make the single battle worthy to play.

Survival Game Mod

Survival game is one of the best feature available for collecting the coins. As the name survival states that you have to survive into the battle untill the death and after all claim the coins you have won. But make sure to play practice mod firs to defeat much amount of characters in the survival mod gameplay. So let's know about the practice mod below.

Practice mod

Let's practice and make yourself the strongest of all. You can learn all move, combos, attacks, special and Ultimates, blocking, counter attacking techniques within the practice mod. Then play Survival mod perfect and win the highest level of coins and make all the characters unlocked.

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