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Hello guys,
The game which I am going to show you is the mod entertaining mind game that has over 200 stages to complete with using your brain.
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Game features:

This game has 19 stages to complete and each stage has over 50 Mind games stages and you will definitely giving your brain a high intelligence by playing this game, so let's know about all the options:

  • Left vs Right Brain games
Guys in this option the task is to take the right decision and choose the right option, now let me tell you about situation of the question and the question will be like this: 
In front of your screen there is Colors names will be shown in random Colors like the game will show you the name Red but the text colour will be blue or whatever it can be according to the game and you have to click on the right or wrong button to complete the tasks, if text is in red colour or text name also is red then you will choose right button and if the text is in green colour and text name is red then you will click on wrong button to complete the task.

  • Pattern Puzzle Games
In this option, in front you there will be given some patterns and you have to remember that pattern because according to the task the mission is to remember the pattern and re-enter it again and get the task completed however it will seems easy in starting but just keep playing because as you will go further the round will become really challenging to your brains memory.

  • Odd one out 
In this option there will be four same pictures in your screen but out of those four the one has some differences and your task is to find that different picture from out of those four then the task will be completed and this is a difficult gameplay If the above two are too easy for you then this will challenge you to use your 100% brain.

There are more sixteen options but in order to play them you must have complete the above options the you can play the left sixteen options one by one and I personally playing the pattern Puzzle Game because that is the best time pass for me and that option has the hard & entertainment stages at the same time and one more thing is that each stage has comical task that you have to use your brain in different ways to complete them.

If this seems an interesting game to you so I have given the link below just click at the link and download the game Click Below 👇



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