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New Marvel Game Contest of Champions Download

New Marvel Game Contest Of Champions 
Hello Guys, today I am bringing a most fantastic game of Marvel Universe that can be play smoothly on any android version.

About Marvel Contest of Champions

This is a 2D fighting one vs one battle Marvel Game that has all Marvel characters with their Final attacks. You must have a good speed of 4G Data connection to play this game without interruption and it will give you a beginner's guide and a free demo play for the first two rounds at the starting and if you want to play all stages then you have to download 708 MB of data for this game then you can enjoy the whole game but remember that data connection is still required to play the game even though you have downloaded 708 MB of Data. This game is listed as an Action game on the Google PlayStore and the game was released on 10 Dec. 2014 but it has been updated to the newest version in 22 April 2019 and here I am giving this new version to you all.
This game is basically based on the Marvel Comic Book series instead of anime series. All the story lines are taken from comic books.
This game is developed & published by Kabam Games on the Google PlayStore.

Game features

  • Team Battle Mod, in this battle mod you can form your team of super heroes & super villans like Thanos, Hulk, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Spider Man, Thor, Star Lord etc.
  • Story mod, Story mod starts with the Iron Man that is fighting with Thanos and this Game has over 100 stages in story mod battle.
  • Multiplayer, You can play multiplayer with your friends just by Connecting WiFi hotspot connection, after connection of WiFi create a room of multiplayer & start play. Use all skills and attacks to defeat your friend & prove yourself the strongest
  • Costumize Characters, in this option you can increase the health, power, ki, defence, attack level of you favourite fighter and can win the hard battles easily. There is some more new skills are added in this new update.
  • Addictive gameplay, During the gameplay you can use combos, special attack, blocking move, hard punch combos etc. You will have the full control on your fighter.
  • More than 100 Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villan Characters, this game has Characters from the Avengers like Hawkeye, Iron Man, Hulk and many more, characters from the X Men like Wolverine, Ice Man, Angel, Beast, Jean Grey and many more, characters like Spider Man, Deadpool, black Panther, Inhumans like Black Bolt, Medusa etc.
  • This game has background maps like Avengers Tower, Wakanda, Asgard, The Savage land, The Shield Helicarrier, Oscorp, Stark Industry & many more.
  • Players Ultimate Attacks Like Iron Man has Missile Attack, Hulk has Smash attack, Spider Man has Spider net attack, Thor has Sky Thunder Attack, Thanos has infinity Gauntlet Powers, Deadpool has Sword combo attack, Captain America has Shield Throw attack etc.

If you are interested in this game & want to download this so the link is given Below

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