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New DBZ TTT MOD HQ Rebuild highly Compressed 300 MB only

New DBZ TTT MOD Highly Compressed 2019

So friends, I am come back again with a new version of DBZ TTT mod that's called DBZ TTT HQ Rebuild.
This game is a mod dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi tag team English version. So let me explore the all new things in this mod that you can enjoy during the gameplay.

New Features

It's been a while now when we all used to see a new episode of dragon ball super with an extreme hype. And now that's just our past good old days which we have enjoyed a much with Dragon Ball Super. As you all know that there is no hope which can assure we all that dragon Ball super is coming again and due to this there are Zero number of characters are left to make in DBZ TTT MODs means all of the characters that are in the DBS are old and already made in the DBZ TTT by 6 months ago. And now we have nothing to do with the DBZ TTT mod but still few modders are making new versions of dragon ball z Tenkaichi tag team by adding some new graphics and textures. This mod has a few improvements in the graphics and textures. However, there are no new characters and attacks as the dragon ball super ends and no longer releasing any new characters and moves.

As you can see in the images that there are few on Vegeta's textures and also the angle of the attack has changed a little bit to look more big and awesome. There is also a new texture has made for the mastered ultra instinct of Super dragon Ball Heroes.

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