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DBZ TTT Mod 2019 Highly Compressed with GP Goku Download

DBZ TTT MOD Download

There are many DBZ TTT MODS out there but this one is newest of all with the new Grand priest Goku.

New Features

  • New Goku grand priest - As you can see in the above image. Goku grand priest's all forms are available in this mod. You can transform base Grand priest Goku till the Master ultra instinct and through the super saiyan, super saiyan god and super saiyan blue. Also the attacks for this model are new and in other words we can say the attacks for this model are different. Nowadays new attacks are rarely made by the Modders. This Goku has new aura in his Omen ultra instinct form and also the new super spirit bomb in which Goku throws Spirit bomb upon opponent and then recharge the bomb in broly's style. Because that attack is a modified attack of broly. You can find Goku grand priest in Goku's color 3. To choose direct Goku mastered and omen Ultra instinct then just choose Goku color 3 and Transform till the UI and then double tap Button "L" and read the name of the original character behind the Goku UI Grand priest.
  • New Cooler - Cooler with his golden form is available on the game with the new auras and moves. Cooler has new textures that looks sparking, 3D and almost perfect face and body. Cooler has a big yellow energy ball attack as his ultimate attack in his both forms. To choose cooler, just choose Gotenks color 3.
  • New Vegeta Damaged model - Vegeta with damaged body has all forms with new Textures. However, the attacks and auras are the same as always and only the textures are new in this new model of Vegeta. To choose this new model of Vegeta in the game, you just need to choose Vegeta color 3.
  • All DBS characters - Overall this mod has all formalities that a good mod must have. This mod has Dragon Ball super Gogeta, Broly, jiren, Beerus and Black Goku, Zamasu etc. But note that there is only one edited and mod map available in this iso and the rest maps are original without any modification.

Additional information

  • File format - ISO
  • File size - 639 MB
  • File needs to run - PPSSPP
  • Online - No
  • Android Device Required - Above 5.0 version
  • Ram Required - 2 GB+
  • Processor - Octa core
  • Snapdragon - 440 +

How to install

  • First of all Download a PPSSPP Emulator from PlayStore ( Appstore )
  • Then download this ISO file ( Before download make sure your android meets above-mentioned Requirements ). Otherwise don't waste your data upon this game.
  • Now just choose iso file in the PSP emulator and start play.

Game download ISO link

For more dragon ball z games, please follow the blog and Subscribe the YouTube channel. There are many more DBZ TTT MODs which will be posted here in the future and also there are many DBZ Mugen apks that will be posted in this blog in the incoming time. 


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