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DBZ TTT Mods 2019 Download ISO Canon Tenkaichi


Hello guys, as you have read the title of this post, Dragon ball Z Canon Tenkaichi tag team. It's a mod dragon including all canon characters means it has no further Transformations like super saiyan 5 and 4 or anything related to non canon and fan-made. So let's me explore.

Game features

  • It contains Goku from dragon ball z in Goku's color 1. This Goku has no super saiyan blue, god and any other dragon ball super Transformations. This Goku has only Dragon Ball Z's Transformations like super saiyan, Kaioken, Super saiyan 2 and last 3 with the dragon fist. However, we know that dragon fist is a non canon attack but it was already in the game so that's why it's can't be changed properly. And yes, it contains only Z's Transformations in the color 1 that doesn't mean that it doesn't contain the powerful Transformations from Goku. So let's go further and know about Colors 2.
  • Colour 2's Goku has the Transformations from the dragon ball super. This is the Goku you want in every game so now you have it. It contains all canon Goku's Powerful Transformations like Super saiyan God, Blue, ultra instinct and Mastered ultra instinct. Ultra instinct and mastered ultra instinct Goku has their latest original attack that was last made by the professional modders.
  • It contains Dragon Ball Z Vegito in Colour 1 that has only dragon ball Z'z powers just like Goku has in his Colour 1. This Vegito is too weak because it poses only the power of super saiyan that is the first level of every Saiyan. But I would like to again say that doesn't mean that Vegito don't have the power of super. So let's go further and know about the original power of Vegito.
  • In the colour 2 of Vegito, it contains super saiyan blue form and also super saiyan. Since the dragon ball super Vegito only has these two forms, the game's Vegito also has only these two forms.

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