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DBZ TTT New Xenoverse Mod V1 With all DBS Characters Download

DBZ TTT New Mod Full Xenoverse Graphics Download

Hello Friends, Today I am going to introduce you all with a latest mod of Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi tag team with dragon ball Xenoverse editing. This much more characters than any other mods. But remember much more characters means much more perfectly modified characters rather than poorly edited models.

About DBZ TTT Xenoverse Mod

Firstly I want to say that this mod has the models and attacks from the greatest in terms of DBZ TTT. However, It contains few weird Transformations because of the creators choice. The creator wants to do some experiments on the models and so he did it on few characters and but you will enjoy those experimental characters too. And only few are experimented and mostly characters are well formed by professional Modders.

New Updates

Those few updates which I have discussed above was about mastered Ultra instinct blue. As you can see in the above image that how the creator has experimented with Goku's two powerful forms and merged them. Then it's become ultra instinct blue and called blue MUI. However it's just a fictional Transformation so I can't tell you whether it's stronger than MUI or not but just for fun you should enjoy this character by winning some hardest battles.
The graphics and all of the texture are changed into Xenoverse. Since this mod includes the models from the professional modder, it has almost everything perfect and a overall Xenoverse outlook.

Without going too long, I want to say that if you are playing DBZ TTT mods by a long time then just assume that this mod and those mod has 80% similarity and it contains just few new more characters like broly lagendary super saiyan Transformations with his all forms and Goku new Mastered UI and Gogeta from dragon ball super with his all forms and also Gogeta has original attacks as in the movie.
If you are newbie on DBZ TTT then it's a huge bonus for you because you are going to play a mod with almost all things that you want at first time. In brief I want to inform newbies that it has Goku with his all forms except Ssj5, Vegeta with his all form Except Ssj5, Gohan young and teen with new Xenoverse Graphics and textures.

So these are the important things that I have discussed above so if this iso seems interesting to you then the Download link is given below. Click the link below to get on the Download page.

Download Link


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