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Dragon Ball Z shadow fight new game download

Dragon Ball Z Games Download

Dragon Ball Z Shadow is a 2D fighting game based on Transformations of a main dragon ball character as we all know is Goku. This game represents Goku's all Non canon and fan made Transformations.

About Game

Dragon Ball Z Shadow Fighting contains only one character that is Goku. But it's not limited to just Goku's base form, on the contrary it contains over 20 different different powerful Transformations of Goku that is bounded by the coins and the Transformations are too expensive but not all are expensive. The beginning Transformations such as super saiyan and super saiyan 2 or 3 are the Cheapest Transformations ever as these are not that much powerful to defeat further villans. This game has approximately 40 stages and 20 different different powerful villans. The villans textures are looked like shadow as the whole game based in shadow but the villans are based on Zamasu, Beerus and other god of destructions. However, they are not exactly looked like dragon ball character which I have stated above  but a little similar.

Game features

  • During the gameplay there are five attack which you can perform in order to defeat the enemies. But there are some restrictions to use the two powerful attacks. However, the three rest moves are unlocked to defeat the enemies. To unlock those three powerful moves, you have to buy more powerful Transformations. When you will buy the super saiyan three Transformations that costs 12,000 coins then the first powerful attack that fires a yellow sparking bird when performs, will unlock. The last attacks that is still unlock is the most powerful green dragon attack that needs super saiyan 5 to be unlocked in order to use the dragon attack. The super saiyan level 5 costs 36,000 to be unlocked.
  • There are two options to play the game in a different way. First option is Normal mod where you can find 39 stages to complete and each stage has different enemies and some stages has two enemies to defeat one by one. The second option is Advance mod, in which you can find approximately 20 stages with teams of enemies. There are two enemies within each teams and both enemies will fight with you together instead of fighting one by one.
  • To collect coins there are an option of spin. The spin is free for only one time a day and if you want to use spinner more than one time a day then you have to pay 500 coins for each extra spin. I personally recommend not to spend 500 coins on spinning a wheel because that will give you only 200 coins at maximum times and there is only few chances to will 1000 coins on spinner. So use free spinner a day and let's see how good or bad your luck is.
  • The second option to collect coins is just play the games even if you are not able to win the stages. But you will atleast 500 coins during the gameplay.
  • The last option to collect the millions of coins in an instant then you have to buy coins in 10$ real money.

Download Link

In case if the Download link is not working then just copy the link by long pressing on it and open it in a different tab.


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