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God of stick Man - Dragon Ball Z Games download

God of Stick Man - Dragon Ball Z Games Download

God of stick man is an action dragon ball Z fighting game on android. That contains 10 playable characters with their 5 Transformations. First Transformations is Super saiyan, second is super saiyan God, third is super saiyan blue, fourth is omen ultra instinct and the last is mastered ultra instinct. All the characters has this pattern of Transformation except Jiren and broly. In case of Broly, his first Transformation is super saiyan and second is God Red, third is God blue and the last is the Legendary super saiyan instead of MUI because it's Broly not Goku or Vegeta.

Game Features

  • Beam Struggle
This game has two types of gameplay mod. First one is 1 Vs 1 Beam Struggle battle mod. For example, you can see the above image, in which Broly and cell are beam struggling with each other. In this option there are 5 Stages to complete. First stage has 10 rounds in which you need to win 10 beam struggles. In the second stage, there are 15 rounds/beam struggles to win and in the ultimate fifth stage, you have to win 30 beam struggles.
  • Vs stages
In the versus stage, there are approximately 100 rounds to win and also this is the only way to collect the coins faster within this game.
  • Upgrades

This is to make your characters more Powerful by unlock more Transformations and increase the health, attacking and defence levels. And it's Requires coins to more upgrade and I have told above that how you can collect the coins.

Additional Information
  • Graphics - 2D
  • File Type - APK
  • Size - 95 MB
  • Required Device - 4.0 and above
  • Offline - Yes
  • Textures - Sticks
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