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This game was last updated on May, 2019 to the newest version that has all new villans, heroes, attacks, weapons, background maps etc. This is a role playing Marvel game that has almost every Marvel characters with their unique attacks.

Instructions for installation

To install this game, firstly Download the APK from the Google PlayStore and open it. Now the game will give a demo play to experience it but in order to play further you have to download it's 700 MB of data. and even though you have downloaded full data but still it always needs an internet connection to run. So simply there are two steps, first is download the 700 MB data and second is always have a Internet connection. If you done these both then enjoy the game.

Game Features

There are all Marvel characters within the game including Thanos with infinity gauntlet, iron man with Mark 85 Armour, Thor with Storm breaker ( But you have to unlock this weapon ).
There are some features that you have to buy before use, but don't be sad because they are just few because most of the features are free to use and you can enjoy this game as much as you can with those features.
The game has a storyline based on the Marvel comic Universe and have all characters with their unique attacks as per comics. There are much more features in the game that will make you happy also this game has a great gameplay to enjoy.

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