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Naruto vs Bleach Latest APK 2019 With Goku Ssj Download

Hello Friends, a new awesome Mugen Style game, namely Naruto vs Bleach has been released with a new update that is now more addictive and time killer to play.

About Naruto Vs Bleach

DBZ Mugen Android

As most of you may know that Naruto vs Bleach is a game which contains over fifty characters from the beginning and the best thing is that you don't have to unlock them by any purchase and coins, and this is the biggest reason behind it's popular among peoples. As it gets updated in every 5 months so now this month it has a new update with few dragon ball Z features. However the updates are not much because as you may have experienced this game and you might know that how Professional this game is. Right ? That's why it takes so much Time for the developers to make a perfect anime character in the game. So whenever they ready their any perfect condition,  they think to just release it among peoples who are curious about the new updates of this game. So they can keep their audience in touch of their work if they started making so many characters then surely it will take a year to make a new big update and in the mean time, their audience will get bored by this game so this can be a big loss for them.
DBZ Mugen for android

New Updates

  • The first update is hardness of this game. The gamers are playing this game by about a year and now they can beat the computer even in hardest levels. So taking it as serious matter, now they have improved computer's hardness so the gamers now can experience a real fight.
  • The second new update is about the main character of the dragon ball, as we all know that that is Goku. However Goku has no forms and Transformations for now Within the game. Goku has three attacks and two of them are special attacks and the rest one is ultimate attack. As special Goku uses a Kaioken fast combo attack and as second special attack Goku uses Kamehame ha and the third attack us spirit bomb attack which was used on kid buu in the anime. Goku can transform into super saiyan during the spirit as Same as in the anime series.

  • Apart from this, this game includes team battle mod, in which you can choose your three favourite fighter and can fight with many teams. This game also offers one vs one battle fighting mod, in which you have opportunities to choose both, your fighter and your enemy.

So these are the few new updates of this game now let me tell you, if you are interested in this game then you must have a Android phone capable off.
Additional Information - Required Device

  • Ram - 2GB Ram
  • Storage - 16 GB internal Storage
  • Supported Version - 6.0 and above
  • 440 and above Snapdragon
  • File Type - APK
  • Online - No
  • Supported System - Android

If above-mentioned Requirements you have, then Download this game by click below.

Download Link

Download Bleach Vs Naruto Apk 400+ characters

Download lite version
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