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New DBZ TTT Fusion Mod - Jiren and Hit Fusion Dance Download

DBZ TTT Fusion Mod

A new Dragon Ball Tenkaichi tag team mod version has been released and I am here once again with the Latest version of DBZ TTT, as always this version also has some new features. So let me explore the new things that this game has.

DBZ TTT fusion mod

Game features

The first and one & only features that makes this mod an interesting mod is The fusion between Jiren and Hit. These are two powerful characters of tournament of power and they both have defeated Goku with his blue Kaioken form. There are some pros and cons in the technique of fusion so let's first know about pros.
  • Perfect Fusion Dance Techniques
  • Fusion is like original game
  • The outcome of fusion is perfect and Hiren has combined attacks of Jiren and Hit that makes it look more realistic just like made by Namco Bandai Games.

Weird things

  • After fusion, normally your character  and your partner should merge with each other but in this mod even after doing fusion your characters will not merge with you and it will still fight in the battlefield. Means you will have your fusion characters after fusion dance but your partner fighter will still be free from you and can fight by his own.
  • There are only one attack for Jiren who is able to do fusion. This mod has two jirens characters first is who can able to do fusion and second is who is not able to fusion. But both of them are not perfect because the jiren who can do fusion is only able to play this final attack means he has only one original attack while the second jiren who is not able to fusion has all ultimate and special attack with uniqueness.

Requirements to play this game
  • Have a PPSSPP Emulator
  • Have this iso 
  • Have android phone with above 5.0 version
  • Have 2GB Rams
  • Have 4000 Mah battery
 Download Link


Download ISO of Vegeta and trunks fusion

Download ISO of Gohanks Fusion

Download ISO of Hiren Fusion


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