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Power Warriors 9.0 APK Download

Hey Guys, I have a good news for you all that the next update of your unofficial favourite dragon ball game power warriors is coming in July 2019 with a lot of new characters and attacks. So just keep reading this page to know all about this new version.

Power Warriors 9.0 updates

Power Warriors 9.0 apk

There are five new characters have been added in the 9.0 version.

Vegeta God

Vegeta God is newest form of Vegeta according to dragon ball super movie broly. However, this is not the strongest transformation of Vegeta but you can assume this as the recently created design for Vegeta. In this version of power warriors you will able to play with Vegeta God with this God like power. Vegeta has three type of attacks, the first is normal firing, second is Non-stop Powerful charged firings and third is the ultimate attack of Vegeta which was used on broly. Name of the third attack is God Energy Blast.

Jiren ( Meditation )

As you all know the exciting Jiren in the game is too weak and a boring character to play because that model is not properly representing even the true power of compressed Jiren. So the developer made a new version of Jiren that has a perfect outlook and perfect personality of Jiren. The new Jiren used to do meditation when you will Charged ki up to the ultimate. Jiren used Energy blasts and energy fire as his special and Ultimate attacks.

Black Goku

Power Warriors APK download

Black Goku is one of the most favourite villans for dragon ball fans and now you can play with him in the 9.0 version. However, there is only black Goku will be in the game means no Super saiyan rose transformations. According to the updates that has been released till now, black Goku don't have his Rose form but may be after few days there will also a rose transformations will be given to black Goku. If this happen then the update will be updated on this page. Now come to attacks so, he uses a black Kamehame ha attack as his special move and a combination energy ball attack of Black Goku and Zamasu as his Ultimate attack.

Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolution

Power Warriors Mod apk

You may have already read my previous post on the power warriors 9.0 updates and you already the features of Vegeta SsbE but you haven't read that then you don't have to go on that post because I will describe that again for my new visitors. Firstly I want to say that Vegeta SsBE is transformable. Vegeta uses Self explosion Attack as his ultimate attack which was used on the Toppo God of Destruction. As special attack Vegeta uses final flash that is his ultimate attack in his other forms this shows that Vegeta's this transformation really have a huge power.


This is also have been written in my previous post, if you have read that then now you can leave this page otherwise keep reading to take you hype to highest level for this game because Beerus is the most powerful character in this game. According to attacks of the Beerus, no one can beat you if you have chosen Beerus as your fighter because Beerus has real Hakai attack. And he also has Red energy ball attack which was used on earth by Beerus in Battle of Gods movie.

Black Goku Ssj

Black Goku Super saiyan also have been added to the 9.0 version. As I said if any further updates will be release then I will post that update here. So letting you know about Goku black so black Goku can transform into super saiyan means it's an transformable character that has handsword attack as his special attack and a Kamehame ha as his ultimate.

So these are the latest updates. Whenever this Version will be released, the Download link will be given here.


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