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The Dragon Ball Super Warriors MUGEN APK Download

DBZ Mugen APK Download,
Hello Gamers, Today I have brought a new exciting dragon ball game with the pixelated Mugen type of graphics. The game name is vary on the different different platforms like in the Google PlayStore, the game name is The Super Warriors and in the Aptoid the game name is The DBZ Warriors Apk but here for us only the original APK is matters rather than the names.
DBZ Mugen Android


As you may know that there are many Mugen Style Dragon Ball Z and super games out there but none of them even touch the Real Mugen in terms of graphics and Gameplay.  This is by far one of the greatest Dragon Ball super Mugen APK with the addictive gameplay and original Dragon Ball Characters. However, even this one can't match with the real PC Mugen but this game has potential to match the 70% Real Mugen Graphics.

About Gameplay

Unlike other APK of DBZ Mugen, this game has unique attacks for his every character. Because the frequency of the characters are too low, the developers done Their best in making every single character. You can perform Kamehame ha, final flash and energy ball type of special attacks during the gameplay. So this is, I talked about the biggest feature of this game , now let's know some normal and engaging features like you can do firings, you can charge auras and ki, you can do flying and the last, also the second best feature is you can transform into the ultimate Transformations. This feature is only available for the saiyan characters like Goku, Vegeta and Gohan etc. Goku can transform into the super saiyan blue and Vegeta can transform into the super saiyan blue evolution which is the strongest Transformation of Vegeta till now.

One more thing which I have forget to tell you all that you can do beam struggle in this game. For those who doesn't know that what is beam struggle I want to say that when two powerful attacks crashes with each other then the beam struggle takes his place means the situation of crash called beam struggle, in which both characters show their full power potential to beat the other one. The characters who will have the more powers than other one, will win the beam struggle. This is the main features that every dragon ball game should have but unfortunately this feature is only available for few game and Fortunately this game is one of them.

Additional Information
  • Size - 78MB
  • Online - No
  • File type - APK
  • Supported Devices - Above 5.0 version

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