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Top Android Games - Super hero bike extreme jump downhill

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Hello Gamers,
Today I have brought a new bike game that's called - "Super hero bike extreme jump downhill". There are many characters from Marvel universe and also a character from dragon ball Universe and his name is Goku.

Game Features

  • It's a very hard game to complete and the stages are getting harder and hardest as you go further by completing the starting stages. Even starting stages are a little bit hard to complete but you all can complete first five rounds easily just by few practices. Some people's like to play the game that can challenge Their ability whereas some people's like to play the easy games that can be easily completed by anyone, if you are one of them then don't Download this game. I have completed 6 stages of this game and this game contains only Approx twenty stages to complete.
  • The game contains approximately 10 different different bikes with different different styles, Colors and abilities also there is a new character is free with each bike. Means if you unlock a bike then the characters for that bike will be automatically get unlocked.
  • The bikes are not too expensive to buy. Unlike other racing games, this game has a very low coins cost for each bike and you can easily collect the enough coins to unlock all the bikes.
  • The contains the characters like Wolverine, Captain America, Spider Man, Star Lord from the Marvel universe and only the Goku base form from Dragon ball Universe.


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