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Warriors of super - New dragon ball z games download

Hello friends, one more exciting dragon ball game has released in 2019 with the awesome fighting features and pixelated graphics, as same as Mugen. I know there are many people's who don't have a pc to play real Mugen and even if they have a pc but they can't carry it on everywhere that's why most of the gamers including me wants a game that should be almost a like a Mugen and can be play in android devices. So today our wish have been fulfilled by this game.

About this DBZ game

In the beginning, there is only one playable characters. The name of that Character is our favourite Goku. There are more characters which you have to unlock by collecting the coins and completing the stages. Now I am going to tell about all the ways which you can use to collect the coins.
Here is how you will unlock all the characters:

  • The first and normal method to collect the coins is Adventure Mod. In which you just have to go further within the game and beat every enemy that comes in you lane. By beating each enemy you will earn coins. But only the adventure mod is not enough to collect coins faster and also you will get bored after a while with adventure mod. So Let's know about the next option that will not let you bored by this game and will give you the most coins.
  • Second option is Survival mod. First thing about survival mod that I would like to tell you all that in any dragon Ball z games if you find the survival mod then assume this that that is the most effective way to collect the coins. So basically the name states all about this option. In the survival mod there are Unlimited Opponents that will come one by one to defeat you. The more enemies you will defeat, the more coins you will get. So before going to play this option you First have to prepare yourself for defeating enemies in a big amount to get coins.

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