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Warriors Of the universe DBZ Mugen Style Fighting game download

Warriors Of the universe is an online and offline game means you can play this game whether you are online or offline. In offline mod you can play it's normal option like single battle mod, Adventure mod etc. And in online mod, you can play it's multiplayer option.
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Warriors of the universe

Warriors Of the universe is a 2D fighting pixelated graphics Anime Game. In this game you can many different characters from different different Animes but I named it a Dragon Ball Game because it has a feature to make your own character customise it and give him your favourite attack. In which you can make any dragon ball characters like broly, super saiyan 3 Goku, ultra instinct, SSB, Vegeta, Gogeta, Vegito and also there is a feature to give them attacks like Kamehame ha, energy Blast so it will look professional even though you made it by yourself in the game. You can also make Naruto and Saitama type of characters in this game. Now let's know about all features of this game.

Game Features

There are three options to make this game more interesting to play. So the first is.

Single player mod

In which there are five more sub - options means more entertainment for you is available within the game.
  • Normal Mod - So the first is normal mod in which you need to Just choose your characters whether it's made by you and already made character in the game.
  • Tower Mod - it's the second most entertaining option after Multiplayer within the game. As the name states, this option has a tower of warriors. You have to climb that tower by defeating every warrior which are coming on your way and at the end there is a boss battle you have to win in order to claim the 500 coins reward.
  • Invasion Mod - Invasion Mod is type of Adventure game or you can say adventure mod of this game. In which you will beat the enemy which are coming in your way. Get coins to beat each characters during the gameplay.
  • Practice Mod - you can make yourself experienced by practice mod. Know every special attacks and moves easily. Then best every character.
  • Watch Mod - watch mod is another part of practice mod in which you can see computer fights between two warriors and can learn some more techniques and the perfect way of fighting.

Online Mod

So yeah, It's the most interesting mod of the game. This is the reason for me to play this game all the time and I hope you will also enjoy this. It's a multiplayer mod where you can play with your friends and strangers. You must data connection to play this game as the name states "online". But you have to pay 500 coins to join the Multiplayer mod and it's tournaments.

It's also give you features to control the hardness of the game, control the musics, sounds effects, characters and much more it provide you a comfortable zone within the game.

Additional Information
  • Size - 22 MB
  • Online / Offline - Both
  • Supported Device - 5.0 Android
  • File type - APK
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