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Dragon Ball Z Games: Top 10 DBZ Games For Android 2020

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Games

Gamers, I am come back with Top 10 amazing dragon ball games that you can play in 2019 for fun and for passing the time by experiencing the best GamePlay of your favourite anime.
So let's get Started

1. Dragon Ball Champions Tenkaichi

Dragon Ball z games, DBZ games

Dragon Ball Champions is a PSP emulator Game which can be played in every Device since the psp emulator is available for the Android, PC as well as for IOS. It's a Great mod with 0% bugs and crashes. It's a modified iso of Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi tag team 2010 and this mod contains all of the main Characters e.g. Goku, Vegeta, MUI Transformations, Blue and God transformations, Broly DBS and Gogeta, Beerus, Champa, vermouth, and Jiren.

Game Features
  • Story mod
  • Training and Free battle mod
  • 100 battle and Survival mod
  • Special and Ultimate attacks e.g. Kamehame Ha and Spirit Bomb
  • Instant Transmission techniques during the gameplay
  • Ki charging and firing blasts
  • Beam Struggling
  • Multiplayer mod
  • Flying ability
  • Mod menu
  • English version
  • More than 100 Characters
  • Transformations
If you want this game to be in your hand then visit here - Click here

2. Tourney Of warriors - DBZ Game

Tourney of Warriors

Tourney of Warriors is Mugen style/Pixelated graphic dragon ball game with over 40 Characters. It's an APK file that can be installed on every Android Devices. It has all necessary important dragon ball Characters like Goku with his all Transformations including MUI, Vegeta with his all Transformations including SSBE and broly, Gogeta from DBS, Beerus and a bonus characters spider man too. These are the important characters and the game has more characters that ends on the number of 40.

Game Features
  • Multiplayer Mod
  • Free battle mod
  • Tournament mod
  • Special and Ultimates during the gameplay
  • Beam Struggle Features
  • Transformation skills
  • Counter attacks
  • Firing blasts
  • English version
  • Aura charging
To get this game - Click here

3. Z Champion

Z Champions Latest apk
Z Champions is also an APK file that can be played on any android versions. It's a Pixelated graphic game with only 5 characters in it. I know after reading "only five characters" you are thinking to skip this game but don't underestimate this game because it's almost 80% like real Mugen and it takes too much hard work for developers to make those five characters perfectly. That's why this game has only Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and broly from ( DBS/DBZ ). So these are the five characters with perfect moves and attacks.

Game Features
  • Combo attacks
  • Special and Ultimate Attacks
  • Free battle mod
  • Super saiyan blue transformation
  • Instant transmission
  • Original Mugen graphics attacks
  • Aura charging techniques
  • English version
  • Firing attacks
  • Beam struggle
To get this game - Click here

4. Power Warriors 9.0 APK

Power Warriors 9.0

It's the most recent Non Official and probably the best dragon ball game ever released till now. However 9.0 is the latest version of this game and it's not released but there are many old versions are available on the internet for this game that has approximately 150+ dragon ball characters from every series like DBS, DBH and DBZ. For now I am putting the Download link of Power Warriors 8.1 ( The most recent version ) and whenever the 9.0 will release, I will put the link of 9.0 too. You can unlock all of the characters by the coins and the good things is that characters are not much expensive and you can easily unlock them just by playing survival mod.

Game Features
  • More than 150 characters
  • Free single battle mod
  • 3 vs 3 Team battle mod
  • Mission mod
  • Tutorial mod / Training
  • Instant Transmission
  • Special and Ultimates
  • Firings
  • Combos
  • Ki charging
  • Auto dodge for UI transformation
  • English version APK
  • All new characters e.g. Broly and Gogeta DBS
To get this game - Click here

5. Legendary Z Warriors

Lagendary Z warriors is another well made non offical dragon ball games with more than 35 characters. The best features of all these type of games is that these all Mugen style games can be played in every version of Androids. This game is also a professional looking dragon ball game just like Z champions and power warriors. However, it doesn't contains the characters from DBS movie but it has Zamasu, Black Goku, Vegito blue, Goku blue, Vegeta Blue and Trunks Ssj rage type of stronger Characters of Black Goku Arc.

Game Features
  • Beam struggle
  • Free battle mod
  • Tournament mod
  • Firing Blast attacks
  • Special and Ultimate moves
  • Combos attacks
  • Blocking move
  • Aura charge
  • Instant Transmission combo attacks
  • English version APK
  • Training mod
To get this game - click here

6. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is an official dragon ball game by Namco Bandai games. This game is an online game and can't be mod. The game getting it's update every week and has so many characters from DBZ and DBS. But unfortunately you can't play this game on those Android device which are below 6.0 versions means if you have 5.0 and lower androids then your android will not let you install the game and will say "app not installed". This game has characters like Vegito and Gogeta DBZ, Broly DBS with all Transformation, Goku God and blue, Beerus, Gohan teen DBZ and Cell etc. To unlock the characters you have to buy the summons and to buy summons you have to collect coins and to collect coins you have to complete the stages.

Game Features

  • Beam struggles
  • Special and Ultimates
  • Story mod
  • Event mod
  • Multiplayer mod
  • Characters upgrading features ( increase health, power and defence )
  • Rising rush named special move for all characters
  • Ki charging and firing attacks
  • Instant Transmission dodge technique
  • English version APK
  • Online play Only
To get this game - Click here

7. Dragon Ball Budokai 3 PPSSPP

DBZ Budokai 3 PSP
Actually this is a Dragon ball Z shin Budokai mod but it has been made to look like Budokai 3. That's why developer named it as DBZ Budokai 3. This mod contains dragon ball Absolon characters such as Ssj4 and 5 Goku, Vegeta Broly, Gohan and villains like Xicore. It can be played on any android device without lagging or crashing. Just make sure you have off the fast memory Unstable in the system settings of PSP emulator.

Game Features
  • 2D fighting
  • Multiplayer mod but through Data Connection
  • Story mod
  • Training mod
  • Free battle mod
  • Challenge mod
  • English version iso
  • Aura charging and normal firing blasts
  • Specials and ultimates
  • Instant Transmission Combo attack
To Click get this game - Click here

8. Dragon Ball Z Vs Anime

It's and amazing and almost 99% perfect game ever but the problem is that it can be play in only high version Android devices like 6.0 and above and device must be having 3GB ram and 32 GB ROM. The best things within the game is that it contains more than 160 characters with their unique and powerful attacks as well as the game has other anime characters e.g. Naruto, luffy, Sasuke, One punch man, Ichigo and Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and black Goku.

Game Features
  • Single player mod
  • Team battle mod
  • Training mod
  • Transformation
  • Super and Ultimate attacks
  • Instant Transmission
  • Combo attacks
To get this game - Click here

9. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Dragon Ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is a PS2 and Nintendo GameCube ( Dolphin emulator ) game. Since the Dolphin emulator is available for android as well as PS2 emulator, the game can be played on android device but these emulator needs atleast 4GB ram, 800+ Snapdragon, 64 bit architecture and octa core processor Android devices to run faster. If you don't have these all requirements then don't Download this game and choose another one from the list.

Game Features

  • All features that are in the DBZ TTT ( the first game of this list/page )
  • Have more characters than DBZ TTT
  • More Shining 3D Graphics
  • More specials and Ultimates as the characters are more
  • More Transformations
To get this game -  Click here

10. Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi tag team

Yeah I Know, the first game of this list is also a DBZ TTT and I also know that there are many peoples on my website who are always looking for a new DBZ TTT Mods. So the No. 10 is not about a specific DBZ TTT mod. On the contrary, it's about all new DBZ TTT MODS of 2019. Here below I am giving a link of a playlist that contains approximately more than 30 new Amazing DBZ TTT mods of 2019 and you can simply choose that whom you should download. Click here to choose and Download

Bonus no. 11 All DBZ games in this Website

If you are interested in more Dragon ball Z games Other than these 10 then you can Simply click here To check out all dragon ball Z games that can be played on any android device with ease. You can find all type of DBZ game like Mugen styles, 2D fighting, 3D fighting and More emulator games of dragon ball Z.
So these are best Dragon ball z Games to play on android in 2019 and if there are more amazing games other than these all then let me know in the comments section.


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