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Power Warriors 10.5 APK Download Latest Version

Hello Gamers, Power Warriors 10.0 APK has been released with so many new characters with their awesome attacks and auras. So let's know about all new things in the mod.

Power Warriors 10.5 APK

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Power Warriors 9.0 APK Download
Power Warriors is a 2D Mugen Style Pixelated graphic game with so many features and Characters. Power warriors is one of the most popular non offical dragon ball Z games with only 90 MB of size which is a affordable size to download for anyone. The greatest thing of this game is that it can be install and play in any version of Android devices with ease. Unlike Dragon Ball Z games, Power Warriors is a fully completed dragon ball game with more than 160 characters. The characters will always getting increase version by version.

New Features

Power Warriors Oren Fusion
  • Oren Fusion - Oren fusion is a newest fusion character of Super dragon ball Heroes. Now he is added in the power warriors 9.0 APK with comical special and Ultimate attacks. You can see the above image to take a look at Oren fusion.
  • New Broly model - as you may know that Broly was in the 8.0 version too but this Broly which is in the 9.0 has more powerful and amazing attacks with new aura, Texture, and transformation. Now this game has two models of Broly. First is the new one and second is the old one.
  • Black Goku - Black Goku has been added with all his transformations like super saiyan and super saiyan rose with the original unique attacks. Black Goku Ssj and rose both have Kamehame ha as their special attacks and both has Handsword attacks as their ultimate attacks.
  • Beerus - as I have already given this update in my previous posts that Beerus is also coming in 9.0. Version. So yeah Beerus is in. 9.0 version with his original hakai and Red energy ball attack.
  • Vegeta - this version has Vegeta's super saiyan blue evolution transformation with two different outlook. First outlook is Vegeta with full clothes and second is Vegeta with damaged clothes. Vegeta with full clothes has final flash as his special and self explosion as his ultimate attacks. Damaged Vegeta has only a punch attacks with blue aura as his ultimate attack and he has no special attacks.
  • Xeno Goku - Xeno Goku has only one transformation of Super saiyan five. Xeno Goku base has full Charged big Spirit bomb attacks and super saiyan five has dragon attack. As you can see in the below image that super saiyan 5 has dragon attack but the attack is not as normal dragon as super saiyan 3. This shows the power of super saiyan 5.

Ssj 5 dragon
  • Vegeta MUI - Vegeta Super saiyan blue evolution is transformable into Vegeta mastered ultra instinct. Mastered ultra instinct had blue final flash attacks as his special and a fast combo ( invisible ) attacks as his ultimate.
  • Oren Vegeta - Oren Vegeta is another form of Oren. When Oren gets control over Vegeta then he becomes Oren Vegeta. Oren Vegeta also has final flash attack as his ultimate attack.
  • Universe 8 God of Destruction - Universe 8 God of Destruction has two attacks. The first and special attack is God blast attack and second ( ultimate ) attacks is hakai ball attack as he is a God of Destruction. See the below image to see that how the God Blast looks.

Universe 8 God of Destruction
  • New Jiren - as you all know that Jiren already was in the game since version 5.0 but that Jiren is too weak and thin which is not a good fit for a powerful dragon ball character. So the developer made it again with a muscular body Texture and more amazing attacks and auras.
  • Baby Vegeta - Baby Vegeta has his all transformations within the game with each unique attacks.

Gameplay Features

During the gameplay, you can fly, you can move anywhere, you can block the attacks and you can play the normal punches. These are the basics, now comes to the advanced features, you can perform Firing blasts, you can do special attack, you can charge your ki, you can do ultimate attack by spending all the ki you have, your player can heal itself ( this feature is available for only few characters e.g. majin buu and super buu. ). These all are the things that you can do during the gameplay.

How to collect coins faster ?

To collect the enough coins to unlock all of the characters in short time. I would prefer to play the survival mod because it has no limits to beat the characters and gain as much coins as you can. Just choose those three characters which are perfect for a long fight. The best player to play the game for long time in survival mod is Goku god. Choose that Goku god which is shown in the below image. Because that Goku has a dog firing blasts attack that helps him to defeat the characters easily.
See the unlocked character
So the characters which is already unlocked in this image is perfect character for survival mod. I personally have collected over 3000 coins in just 1 time of gameplay with this character. You just need to choose it three times and start the fight. You can easily unlock all of the characters just by playing survival mod with this character. In case you get bored by playing with this character repeatedly then you can choose Vegeta super saiyan 4, however Vegeta ssj4 is not as good as this character but you will able to collect 500 coins at once with Vegeta ssj4. Third best characters is Oren ( Boy ), this works as same as Vegeta ssj4 means you will able to collect 500 coins maximum with this character. However, the first one is the best but in case you get bored by the game then you can choose these both characters too.

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