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Top 5 DBZ TTT Mods, BT-3 and Xenoverse Mods with Ultra Instinct Download

Top 5 DBZ TTT Mods ISO Download

HelIo Gamers,
Although, I already have a post on this topic but as the dragon ball series gets more episodes in it so it's obvious that the new characters will be introduce to us and new characters means new DBZ TTT mods. So those five mods in my previous post are becomes old nowadays according to characters.
Here I am going to share one more Top 5 Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Completed Mods list so Far. In which you will find all new characters up to date. So let's start

No. 5 Anime Tenkaichi Mod

Jump Force Mod DBZ TTT PSP

This is the newest version of Jump force but we can't say it directly jump force mod because of it's graphics. As you all know that jump force mod Requires a TEXTURE file to be Successfully install. But this mod contains characters form different different Animes that's why it's called jump force.

Awesome Game Features

  • This mod contains an Alien from the Ben 10 namely heat blast. Heat blast uses firs ball and energy blast attack as his special and Ultimates.
  • Naruto Characters - this mod contains a lot of Naruto anime characters such as Sasuke, Naruto and some villans and the best thing about this mod is all of the anime characters has unique attacks rather than old and modified one.
  • Monkey D Luffy - This is an awesome character with original moveset, yes this is true. If you know about luffy then you might think that how  DBZ TTT characters can increase the length of his hand. But you forgotten about Piccolo which is exactly like the luffy and just because of piccolo the Modder's have successfully done the monkey D Luffy in DBZ TTT with his original moves.
  • Crash Problem ? - This mod is not completely crash free because there are only few which are not working properly but don't be sad because mostly characters including Heat blast ( Ben 10 ), Naruto, Sasuke, Luffy and Goku are completely crash free.
  • Crash free Ratings - 8/10
Download Link ISO
Link ISO Download

No. 4 Xenoverse 2 Mod

DBZ TTT Xenoverse 2 Mod

There are many Xenoverse 2 mods for DBZ TTT are available on the YouTube and Google but this one which I am going to introduce with you is the newest version of 2019 till now. However, it's also contains few characters from the other graphics types such as BT3 and Anime but most of the Characters are from Xenoverse.

Features that made this iso The best

  • New Goku DB heroes - Goku Mastered ultra instinct in DB heroes is the newest costume of Goku. This mod contains the mastered UI DB Heroes transformation of Goku. However the attacks are the same as DBS MUI Goku.
  • almost all of the main characters like Jiren, Gogeta from dragon ball super movie, toppo, Dispo, god of destructions beerus etc. Are in the Xenoverse Texture within in the mod.
  • The mod has new Vegeta Xenoverse Texture that you have never seen before in any mod. This Texture has a perfect Xenoverse outlook with original attacks of Vegeta.
  • Crash Free ? - the mod is completely crash free but if you are using awe PSP by off Fast memory Unstable in the system settings of the PSP.

Download Link
Click here to download

NO. 3 Fan-made Tenkaichi Mod

DBZ TTT Fan made mod

This mod has many new characters which are imaginary fan - made.

Things that made this mod comical

Goku Ssj 10 DBZ TTT
  • Permanent menu - it's a rare thing in every mods so it's good and also helpful for you to navigate the game. 
  • Female Goku - This mod contains Female Version of both Goku ( Black and original ) the female Goku of both versions can transform into Thier final forms I.e. MUI and Super saiyan Rose. There are no changes made on the attacks.
  • Goku Super saiyan 10 - Yes, this is true, this mod has Goku super Saiyan 10 transformation. Probably you are hearing this name first time because as we all know that Goku has only super saiyan 4 as his last but as I said it's a fan-made mod that's why it has Ssj 10 Goku.
  • Goku Omni God - Goku omni god is also a fan-made characters. Although it's made by master media who is also a fan of dragon ball.
  • Goku Grand Priest Omni God - Goku also has his Grand priest Omni God transformation within the iso.
  • It has more fan-made Transformation with the different attacks but not new.
  • Crash Free Rating - 9/10

Download Link
Click here to Download

No. 2 DBZ TTT Heroes Mods 2019


This mod is about dragon Ball Heroes Villains and heroes. The mod contains almost all villans from the DB heroes.

Awesome ISO Features

  • Without Crash - one of the most mejor features is that this mod is crash free. There are many peoples who are totally tired by Downloading an iso with a lot of crash in it. For those peoples I want to say that your problem is now solved with this iso.
  • All perfect models - for this iso, I can say that all of the characters are perfect with their attacks and auras. Unlike most of the other mods, it doesn't contains incomplete attacks and badly featured attacks.
  • New Jiren Texture - this mod has a new Jiren Texture that you have never seen before. However the attacks of the Jiren are the same as mostly mod Nowadays has.
  • New HD Texture Vegeta - just like Jiren Vegeta also has a new texture but in case of Vegeta, the texture is perfectly made and looks almost 3D and realistic.
  • New Goku Grand priest Model - this mod has the newest model of grand priest Goku and remember when i say model then it means the attacks, auras and faces and overall everything is new.
Download Link
Click here to download


This mod has much more characters than any other mods. But remember much more characters means much more perfectly modified characters rather than poorly edited models.
DBZ TTT MUI Xenoverse

Firstly I want to say that this mod has the models and attacks from the greatest in terms of DBZ TTT. However, It contains few weird Transformations because of the creators choice. The creator wants to do some experiments on the models and so he did it on few characters and but you will enjoy those experimental characters too. And only few are experimented and mostly characters are well formed by professional Modders.

Download Link
Click here to download

How To Install These Mods On android:

  1. First of all you need to download the PSP emulator latest version on your android phone. I suggest to download PSP from Google Playstore and if you have already a PSP emulator so make sure to update that to the newest.
  2. After installed PSP now download any of these mods which you like the most.
  3. After downloading complete, check the file format of downloaded file if it's ISO so you can just start play this game on your PSP emulator but if it's Rar, Zip & 7z instead of ISO so you have to extract it first by using 7Zipper or RAR app. You can use anyone, and after extract just choose the ISO file & start play the game in the PSP emulator

Android Device Requirements

  • Ram - Should be 2GB
  • ROM - Should be 16 GB
  • Version - Should be 5.0 and above
  • Battery - Should be 4000 Mah as it takes battery faster while playing.
  • File Type - ISO is needed to play
  • File type - RAR, Zip, 7Z needs to extract first to start play the game
  • Supported System - PSP
  • Use Emulator - AWE PSP, PSP Gold and PSP blue.
  • If The mod is crashing - Turn off Fast memory Unstable in the System Settings of the PSP
  • If Black Screen Comes - Use AWE PSP only to solve Black Screen.
  • Download Awe PSP - Search on Google ( There are thousands of Download links available for awe PSP )
Please Read all of the above-mentioned Requirements before Downloading any of these mods.


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