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Z Champions: new latest APK version download

Z Champions

Z champions is one of the mod Popular non offical dragon ball since 2015 and it has crossed over 10 Million Download  the with 4.5 ratings which is considered as a good ratings on the PlayStore and it shows that how popular this game is. A few day ago the developer of Z champions has released a new engine that had only five Dragon ball Z characters for now. Z champions has two beta versions APK, the one who has Vegeta Blue, Broly DBS and Beerus is another Version of Z champions and don't consider this one as that version. This version also has only five characters but those all are from DBZ instead of DBS. This is a low version APK that has low graphic designs and low quality attacks but the plus point of this game is that it can be installed on any android device and can be play smoothly without Crash and lags.
Z Champions apk

Z champions game APK features

  • Goku - This APK contains only Base Goku from Dragon ball Z means Goku has no transformations skills for now as I said that it's a new beta version so it will take time to get an update and more improvements. Goku has two special attacks, first is Kamehame ha and second is Spirit bomb.
  • Vegeta - As the APK is based on DBZ So the Vegeta is Scouter Vegeta instead of DBS Vegeta. Vegeta has only one attacks that is Galick Gun.
  • Piccolo - Piccolo has no attacks and can do only normal Firing blasts.
  • Krillin - Krillin has disc attacks as his Normal Firing and a Kamehame Ha attacks as his Special attacks.
  • Cell - cell is a locked characters within the game and can be unlocked easily just by 90 coins that is easy collect. Every winning fights gives you 10 coins means after 9 battle of winnings you will able to unlock cell. Cell has only one attack that's called Super Kamehame ha.
Z champions beta

Gameplay Features

  • Special and Ultimate attacks
  • Firing Blasts
  • Normal Combos ( kick and punches )
  • Ki charging
  • Z - Store ( this is an option to unlock more characters )
  • Start battle ( this is the only option to play the game for now ) and there are no such options like team Battle, single battle, survival mod, multiplayer mod etc.
How to install
There is no instructions to install this game you just need to download and install this APK to play. And make sure you checked non Unknown Sources in the settings on your android phone.
Z Champions new version

Download Link - Click here to download

Note:— the game APK is still in development and will have more characters with more amazing attacks and auras soon. So stay tuned and follow our blog ( ) for more updates.


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