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Dragon Ball Supreme Dragon Warriors APK For Android

Hello friends today I am going to introduce you all with a new dragon ball game for Android named Stick hero Fighters - Supreme Dragon Warriors. This game has many features that will make you say that this is the best game of dragon ball I have ever played however keep in mind that you play this game while you are offline because this APK contains ads and it may irritate you while playing.

Supreme Dragon Warriors

Supreme Dragon warriors is a 2D fighting dragon ball Z Game However it also contains few other anime characters but most of the Characters are from dragon Ball Z and dragon Ball Super. So just keep reading to know all about this Game.

Game Features

  • Story Mod - This Game has story mod through which you can unlock characters by completing the stages and if you don't want to complete the stages or if you are unable to complete the stages then there is a options to buy the pack of characters. I recommend you to play the game and not to buy the pack because the games are made to play not to shopping, isn't it.
  • Versus Mod - In which you can choose your favourite character and your favourite opponent to fight with. But before this, you must have unlocked all of the Characters otherwise this feature is of no use.
  • Transformations - This Game has transformations techniques so you can transform your characters while playing the battle. Goku can transform into super saiyan and super saiyan blue and Vegeta can transform into super saiyan blue. They have original attacks.
  • Combo Attacks : the game contains few combo attacks which will perform itself spontaneously and you don't have to  tap such special buttons. All of the Characters can do firings.


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