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Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match For Android/IOS

About DBZ Bucchigiri Match

DBZ Card Battle, DBZ Bucchigiri Match, Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match

Hey guys, Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match is an official dragon Ball card game that can be played on any Android and IOS mobiles but there are few conditions that you have to follow Before you start play this Game. As you may know and if you don't know then know it that you cannot install this game on your mobile in the form of an Apk because it's an online website game that needs a particular net data to run. It's a real time one on one online multiplayer game. The gameplay consist of card battles and card contains various Attacks, defence and healing features. The game contains Really cool attack animation just like Dragon ball Z Dokkan battle and you will enjoy it too as you enjoy DBZ Dokkan battle. So let's know all about how to play it.

How to Play Dragon Ball Z Bucchigiri Match

  • This game is exclusively released only for Japan. So if you are outside Japan then you need a VPN.
  • You can use either Turbo VPN, Solo VPN or Hola VPN. Download any one from the Google Play Store/ App Store.
  • Make sure that you data speed is high enough to work on the website.
  • After Setting up the VPN to JAPAN. Click on the Below link

Have Fun!!.


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