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Dragon Ball Z KAKAROT For Android & IOS Download

Dragon Ball Z KAKAROT For Android

Hello Dragon Ball Fans, Nowadays Every dragon Ball fan wants to play Dragon ball Z KAKAROT on Android. But since the game official game itself is not for Android many fans are upset and search everywhere if anywhere we can find Dragon ball Z KAKAROT For Android. So today I have a mod of Dragon Ball Z Shinbudokai and the name of the mod is Dragon Ball Z KAKAROT Shin Budokai Mod. It's a PSP game that can played in any Android and IOS Devices. So let's know all about this Mod.
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Game Features

  • Changed Homepage - As you can see the above. That's a new homepage for Dragon ball Z Shinbudokai mod. By watching this Homepage literally nobody can say it that it's a Dragon ball Z Shinbudokai 2 mod.
  • Changes Menu - The Outlook of menu is also changed and its a Completely new experience to enter that menu with this Homepage. The whole game's outlook is complete change and it doesn't seems to look like a old Shinbudokai 2.
  • Dragon Ball Z KAKAROT Textures - All of the Characters have Dragon Ball Z KAKAROT style Textures and they look like dragon Ball Z KAKAROT Characters, Although the Modder cannot change the entire gameplay as it's a work of developers not modders. But modder have done their best to made it look like the New dragon ball Z KAKAROT. 
  • Characters - This mod contains Goku, super Saiyan, super Saiyan 3. Vegeta, Super Saiyan, Majin. All of the characters has their unique original anime character and there is no change in attacks of any character. Aura is also the same as before. Only TEXTURES are changed and everything is as same as before.


How to Install

Download PPSSPP Emulator from the Google play Store. Make sure you have the Latest Version of PSP.

Download for ISO file link is given below. If you see Rar Or Zip then first extract the ISO file out from the Zip by using any Extractor.

Now open the PSP emulator and ensure that the fast Memory unstable is On otherwise you will face black screen.

Choose language America Latina in case you see black screen on English language.


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