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New Naruto Real MUGEN For Android With Over 70 Characters

MUGEN For Android

Hello Friends, Today I have brought a New Real MUGEN of Naruto for Android with so many Naruto and bleach characters with their original Attacks. Although you may have seen an another game like this but in that game Dragon ball Z Character are also there and if you are a fan of Naruto and Don't like DBZ characters to have in this game then this APK is for you. And for those who are fan of Both anime then you can Download that MUGEN with DBZ and Naruto Characters. Otherwise this is the perfect game for Naruto. So let's know all about this game.

Game Features

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  • 70+ Characters - This MUGEN APK contains more than seventy Naruto and bleach characters with all unique and original Attacks. You will not feel that it's not a MUGEN at all because this is the perfect game ever in the Android in the name of MUGEN.
  • Team Battle - There is a team battle options in this game in which you can chose your favourite three characters and start play. Although you can choose your enemies because it is like an arcade mod in which there is 10 stages to fight and win.
  • Single battle - this is something in which you can choose you favourite Fighter and your favourite enemy too and just start quick battle.
  • Single arcade - just as in the team battle mod you chose three Fighters and start arcade mod with three, in this single arcade mod, you chose only one character and start fighting 10 stages.

 MUGEN for Android, Naruto MUGEN for Android, Naruto vs Bleack


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