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DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mods V5 Textures Originals Download

Hi Guys, Here i have a new DBZ TTT Mods with Texture original graphics. The mod contains so many new Characters from dragon ball super and heroes with New attacks. The mod consists of pure original, in fact more accurate looking Graphics and textures. So keep reading to know more.

About Tenkaichi Tag Team

Dragon ball Z TENKAICHI TAG TEAM was released in 2010 for play station portable formerly PSP by Namco Bandai Entertainment company. DBZ TTT is the possible most good looking high graphics game in PSP. The game contains so many features to Play the game in many different ways. Such features name are Dragon walker, 100 Battle, Survival, multiplayer and more. The game consists of the entire dragon ball Z Series from Raditz to Buu saga. Nowadays there are many dragon ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mods are releasing daily so Now this Game has been upgraded to dragon Ball super by the modders. I am introducing you one DBZ TTT mod Textures original, so let's start.

What the new ?

There are many Dragon ball Z TTT Mods out there and some of them are with BT-3 and BT-4 graphics and some of them are with Xenoverse Graphics. But this Mod built with neither BT3 Graphics nor Xenoverse Graphics, it consists of only Original Ultimate Tenkaichi Graphics.

DBZ TTT texture Originals

  1. New Villain moro with Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Grand Priest and Gohan. The new menu homepage represents the ISO Completely as expected.
  2. New Moro - This DBZ TTT Mod, we have new Dragon Ball Manga Villain namely Moro with his all original and unique attacks. Moro has power absorbing Technique as his ultimate move.
  3. Vegeta SSBE - The mod has new original ultima Tenkaichi style looking Vegeta's Model with All his transformations such as super saiyan, super saiyan God and Super saiyan blue evolution. Vegeta SSBE has Self explosion attack as his ultimate move.
  4. Goku - in other words we can say that this is DBZ TTT Ultimate Tenkaichi mod as all textures are 3D and HD looking. Goku has his all Transformation such as Mastered Ultra instinct and Omen ultra instinct with super saiyan blue.
  5. Grand Priest - The mod contains almost all Dragon ball super Characters. Grand Priest has original texture with blue aura and all unique attacks.
  6. Broly - Take a look at the below screen to see broly's texture. You can easily assume that broly looks almost like DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi.
  7. Vegito - Vegito Can go Super Saiyan and super saiyan Blue with final Kamehame ha original anime attack.

Gameplay Features

  • Instant Transmissions technique
  • Combo attacks
  • Flying
  • Two special attack for every Characters
  • One ultimate attack for every Characters
  • Ki charging
  • Defence
  • Attack mod
  • Super ki blasts
  • Using small effective techniques to get burst mod instantly
  • Tag team - 2 Characters at once.
  • Combination attack - When second Characters helps you to make combo.
  • Telepathy - When you are in danger, your partner comes to save you.

So these all are the features you can use during the gameplay. I don't think that there is anything left to add in it. Really Namco Bandai has done a master piece in PSP.

Download This DBZ TTT Mods, link is given Below


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