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New DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team The Juliodroids Full ISO PSP

Hello Friends, Today a I have brought you the most Amazing mod of Dragon ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Till now. It is really One of the most Perfect mods of DBZ TTT. The perfection is over 9000 means you cannot say that it's a mod. You can not even imagine that the mod can be updated this much. It Transcends every limits of DBZ TTT. The best one ever.

DBZ TTT Mods The Juliodroids

The mod contains all Original Textures. Unlike other mods, it doesn't contains texture from Xenoverse, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and Ultimate Tenkaichi. There is no enhancements in any Textures and their look. Just the model is enhanced and is enhanced too much perfectly. It looks even better than the original DBZ TTT by Namco Bandai. I am highly recommending this to Play you all, you can not any better mod than this. May be in future, there will be more better mods. But today in Feb, 2020 there no mod which can even compete with this Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod. Now let's know all the features.

New Attacks in ISO

 Broly - Broly has a completely new attack. Although the texture is not new but the attack is absolutely better than the original one.
 Vegeta - This is what is the most special in this Mod. Vegeta has a completely changed big bang attack. Although I can tell you the whole attack by words but you can see the above screenshot. Even the screenshot is very new. Vegeta also has new Transformation animation which is also a fresh mod. The animations are like MUGEN. You will be happy to see that.
 Vegito - Vegito has new Dramatic attack which you will see after Downloading this mod. All attacks Vegito Xeno are new and never seen before in any other mod. The Juliodroids is a professional modder that releases mod once in a half year or whenever he wants. He never shares his model patches with anyone that's why everything in this Mod is fresh and never used before.

Gogeta - Gogeta has new not stop firing attack which was used on the broly Lssj by Gogeta Super saiyan in the dragon ball Super movie. Gogeta has his all Transformation, super saiyan and super saiyan blue.

Tapion - Tapion is a Non canon Character of Dragon Ball Z movie. This Mod has Tapion with all new Attacks.

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