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New DBZ TTT Budokai Tenkaichi V2 New ISO Download

Hello Friends, Today I have brought a new dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod with New version V5 BT4 ISO. Although only the name is Budokai Tenkaichi 4 because ISO is in 3D style graphics. In the other words, its an ultimate TENKAICHI mod of DBZ TTT. So let's know all about this mod.
  1. DBZ TTT Ssj 4 Goku
  2. Vegeta HD DBZ TTT mods
  3. Multiple Sagas ISO Oozaru

DBZ TTT BT-4 V5 New Characters

  • New Jiren - The mod contains new model of jiren. Jiren has new HD Texture with new small red energy ball attack Which is original attack of jiren.
  • Goku Mastered Ultra instinct - New model of Goku MUI made of Ultimate Tenkaichi Textures with light blue aura. Attacks are Xenoverse style and the most damaging too.
  • Gogeta - Gogeta has anime Textures as real anime. This Character has light blue aura with many Sparking stars in it. Gogeta has real anime attacks.
  • Beerus - Beerus has new Hakai Destruction attack. The Textures consist Fighter z Graphics and Aura is light purple.
  • Goku God - Goku super Saiyan God surrounds with very beautiful looking Red aura Which looks as fire. Attacks are all new and awesome.

Game Features

Multiplayer mod - Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team supports offline multiplayer mod, you just have to connect to Android phones via WIFI-Hotspot. No internet connection is required.
Survival mod - Survival mod has 50 Stages with 50 tag Team. So there are only 100 Characters to win in survival mod and this option is finished.
100 Battle mod - 100 Battle mod contains more than 100 tag teams to fight and win with the grade S. Grade S means that you fought extremely perfect.

How to install

  • Download and install PSP Emulator latest version on your android/i phone.
  • Download any Zip and Rar file extractor from the Google play store.
  • Extract the ISO
  • Open psp Emulator, Choose the game and start Play.


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